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Old fashioned sweets do still exist!

24/04/2017 09:13
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Old fashioned sweets do still exist!

Looking for an old favourite? When it comes to sweets, old fashioned sweets are usually the most popular, however, a lot of the time consumers believe their favourite old fashioned sweets are no longer around.

But don’t be disheartened! Here at Appleton Sweets, we have a range of old sweets and retro sweets that are firm favourites amongst all ages.

So, if you are looking for old sweets that are no longer around, take a look at the following old fashioned sweets UK:

Traditional Sweet Jars

There is nothing more nostalgic than walking into a sweet shop that contains the classic style sweet jars, full of old fashioned sweets with the traditional labels, and memorable tastes!

Appleton Sweets stock the Nation’s favourite traditional sweet jars, including Vanilla Fudge Tablets, Violet Creams and Fruit Candy Rock.

Retro Sweets Bags

The Retro Sweets Bags never fail to disappoint our customers! From bumper packs of foam bananas to dolly mixture, jelly babies and more, our retro sweets bags are popular amongst both wholesalers and confectionary-lovers of all ages!

Perhaps you’ll opt for Fruit Salad and Black Jack Chews that offer a complimentary combination of flavours, or Barratt Jelly Beans? Perhaps jelly beans were your marathon buddy to get you through your sponsored race last Sunday? Over the years, retro sweets have been part of numerous cultural events, as well as competitions, local events and more!

Boiled Sweet Jars

Boiled sweets are a classic type of sweet that are enjoyed by people of all ages. Appleton Sweets have a wide range of boiled, retro sweets, including Barratt’s Aniseed Twists, Barnett’s Cherry Pips, Barnett’s Everton Mints, Barnett’s Large Pear Drops and more.

No matter what type of boiled sweet you choose, they’re refreshing and traditional, and sure to go down a treat!

We love Barnett Sherbet Lemons, a blast from the past, that kids, mums, dads, and grandparents still love! The perfect sweet for warmer weather and refreshingly delicious, sherbet lemons always sell well!

Our Boiled Sweet Jars are hugely popular in all confectionary stores and consumers love them!

Old sweets that are no longer around, available from Appleton Sweets!

Nestle Caramac

Nestle Caramac bars are loved for their sweet caramel and chocolatey flavour. Apparently, Kit Kat Caramacs are hugely missed, but the Nestle Caramac ensures you can still get your Caramac hit in 2017 and beyond!

Cadbury Freddo

No childhood is the same without Cadbury Freddos, of course. We’ve even got caramel Freddos available here at Appleton Sweets!

Barratt Refreshers Roll

You can’t get much more retro than Refreshers! Refreshers are fruity, made from natural colours and flavourings and, unsurprisingly, refreshing!

Order your old sweets that are no longer around from Appleton Sweets! As you can see old sweets do still exist! 

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