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Our favourite sweet shop supplies for Winter

03/11/2017 15:02

Our favourite sweet shop supplies for Winter

With Halloween over and Bonfire night fast approaching, we can say for sure that winter is not far away and that means it is time to stock up our shelves and fill them with various winter confectionary that customers will love.

From Candy canes, to Christmas gift boxes, having various sweet shop supplies fill your store this winter will make your sweet shop even more exciting, and will brighten up even the dullest of days!

Browse our favourite sweet shop supplies for Winter below:

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Albert Belgian Chocolate Coins

Chocolate Coins are popular with many and are consumed widely around Christmas time! An ideal sweet to have in your confectionary store over winter, we love the Albert Belgian Chocolate Coins for their unique packaging and delicious taste.

Beechs Choc Turkish Delight

Many people love Turkish Delight and wouldn’t think Winter or Christmas was the same without it! A traditional Turkish delight covered in chocolate, you simply can’t go wrong with Beechs Choc Turkish Delight.

Candy Canes Natural Peppermint

A must-have for winter and particularly December, the Candy Canes Natural Peppermint are popular with the kids and are great to use as Christmas decorations.

They are additionally available in other popular flavours that you could perhaps combine in your sweet shop!

Foiled Christmas Pudding Choc Eggs

You can’t list winter sweets without including those with an xmas theme, of course and the Foiled Christmas Pudding Choc Eggs are a fantastic choice.

Made by Kinnertons, the tasty chocolates are wrapped in pudding foil, and make for the perfect tasty treat!

Foiled Santa Choc Eggs

The Foiled Santa Choc Eggs are another Christmas themed delight that will fill your confectionary store with fun this Winter!

Foiled Snowmen Choc Eggs

That’s right, we have chocolate snowmen too! Fantastic!

Giant Gummy Candy Beer Glass

These work well all year round but will definitely bring some beer cheer to winter. Great value, tasty sweets that will add extra fizz to your sweet shop!

More sweet shop supplies for Winter

Find more sweet shop supplies for Winter from our online store at Appleton Sweets. We’re proud to provide the best kind of sweets for sweet shops everywhere, and bring a bit of brightness to the Winter season. 

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