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Our Pick of Sweets for Wimbledon

04/07/2017 17:28
top wimbledon sweets

Our Pick of Sweets for Wimbledon

It’s that time of year again where the balls are well and truly in the court at Wimbledon and the top tennis players from around the globe play against one another to gain champion status.

In celebration of such a fantastic sporting event, here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve put together our top pick of sweets for Wimbledon. Some with a tennis theme, others with a sporting theme and others that we simply think are perfect to accompany a tennis match, including Wimbledon’s renowned Strawberries and Cream. 

Have a look at our pick of sweets for Wimbledon below:

Fanta Grapefruit

Perfect for cooling down after working up a sweat in a summer tennis match, Fanta grapefruit is fizzy, tangy and refreshing.

Although Fanta Grapefruit is made in America, it makes for the perfect drink to cool down in the British summer weather. 

Vidal Tennis Smash Bubblegum

If this doesn’t get the kids buzzing for tennis and watching Wimbledon, then nothing will! The Vidal Tennis Smash Bubblegum is bubbly, exciting and tastes delicious!

The sweets are, essentially, ball-shaped, tennis-themed bubblegum pieces that will have the kids bouncing off the walls (just like a tennis ball!).

Barnetts Sugar Free Strawberry and Crème

The Barnetts Sugar Free Strawberry and Crème are the perfect sweets for Wimbledon! Adhering to the famous Strawberry and Crème tradition, the Barnetts sweets are sugar free for a guilt-free treat.

What’s more, they’re handmade boiled sweets that will please young and old spectators alike!

Kingsway Strawberry Bon Bons

Another sweet on the theme of strawberries, the Kingsway Strawberry Bon Bons are delicious and a favourite with the adults and children alike!

strawberries cream sweets

Strawberry and Cream Dummies

The last of our sweet treats on the strawberry and cream theme, the strawberry and cream dummies have a fantastic strawberry and cream flavour and are shaped in a dummy shape that the kids will love!

Ideal for summer, we think the Strawberry and Cream Dummies are the perfect sweet for Wimbledon.

Bebeto Sour Dummies

Last but not least, these sweets look a little bit like a tennis racket in shape, what’s more, their sour flavour makes for a lively and energy-giving sweet! 

Fizzy, sour and halal-approved, the Bebeto Sour Dummies are another great treat for your Wimbledon-inspired Pick ‘n’ Mix bag! 

More Sweets for Wimbledon from Appleton Sweets!

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