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Our Top 10 American Cereals

06/03/2019 09:21

Here in the UK, we have been named the country that eats the most cereal. We do have some tasty cereals on our supermarket shelves, so it’s hardly surprising.

In fact, according to, in the UK we eat about 6.8kg of cereal per year. And in the US they’re not too far behind at 4.2kg annually.

Despite being avid cereal-eaters, it can be difficult for us Brits to get our hands on American cereals. Renowned for being sweet and tasty, American cereals can make a great after-school snack (or even after-work snack, for those adults with a sweet tooth too!).

Cereals are most popular with those of us aged between 18-34 years old (this statistic is from prepared foods).

Appleton Sweets stock a variety of American cereals in our warehouse.

Here are our top 10 American cereals, with a brief description of what they’re really like! We’re pretty sure you won’t be able to resist trying them out!

Cocoa Pebbles

Cocoa pebbles are scrumptious chocolate blasts that we can’t help but compare to cocoa pops.

They don’t disappoint in terms of chocolate flavour. And even better? They make the milk chocolatey too- delicious.

Cocoa Puffs

Similarly to cocoa pebbles, cocoa puffs are chocolate flavour cereals. They’re a puffed, grain breakfast cereal and are manufactured by General Mills.

They date back to 1958 but now exist with less sugar than was previously included in them.

Captain Crunch Original

Captain Crunch are wheat cereals, not too far from the old school British Golden Nuggets.

The cereal certainly lives up to the expectation of being well, um, crunchy, and is an iconic cereal of the USA.

Despite being “original” flavour, the cereal is still fairly sweet. If you haven’t tried these cereals should!

Captain Crunch Berries

Captain Crunch Berries are a fantastic alternative to the original flavour, and feature a fruity twist.

They’re not to be confused with a healthy cereal option, but they do make a great snack before sports training, competitions and are a unique replacement for chocolate bars and other sweet snacks.

Captain Crunch Peanut Butter

The last in our range of Captain Crunch flavour cereals is peanut butter. And what else can we say other than this flavour is full on?

You won’t be short of energy after consuming this cereal...

Cookie Crisp USA Cereal

Cookie Crisp cereal really does taste great but is, of course, far from the healthy cereal options like Weetabix and Bran Flakes.

It is like eating a bowl of biccies- yum!

Perhaps best not eaten for breakfast if you’re health conscious, but definitely worth a try for an indulgent afternoon snack.

Fruity Pebbles

Are these sweets the most colourful of them all?

Fruity Pebbles are worth trying if you’ve never tasted them before. They certainly pack a punch. They remind us of Rainbow Drops/Puffs, here at Appleton Sweets. Fruity Pebbles have more of a cornflake texture though (or chopped up cornflakes to be precise).

Sold with The Flintstone’s on the box, Fruity Pebbles are fun and fabulous!

Honeycomb USA Cereals

Honeycomb cereal dates back to 1965 and was originally made by Post Foods. It is a honeycomb flavour cereal (not surprising!) that is made from corn shaped like a honeycomb.

The health content of the cereal was improved in 2006, although the new recipe hasn’t always been well-received.

Lucky Charms Cereal Box

Lucky Charms Cereals have been around since 1964 and are made by General Mills. They’re a mix of toasted oat pieces and marshmallow- delicious!

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