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Our top 10 pick of sweets to prepare for summer

19/04/2016 09:07

We’re well into April and summer is undoubtedly on the horizon. To help you prepare for your stock of summer sweeties, we’ve selected our top 10 pick of sweets for summer!

So, in no particular order, here they are…

Candy Floss Rock Sticks

The perfect addition to a summer funfair, the Candy Floss Rock Sticks are candy rock sticks that are packed with a candy floss flavouring. Our wholesale case of Candy Floss Rock Sticks from Appleton Sweets contains sticks of rock that come wrapped in a count of 120.

Swizzels Refresher Stickpack

A refreshing sweet for summer! The Refresher Stickpacks are made by Swizzel Matlow. They come packed in a box of 36 Count. They are individually wrapped refresher chews that are a super soft chew sweet with a delicious lemon flavour. Lovely!

Aero Mint Medium Bars

A chocolate hit with a hint of mint, the Aero Mint Medium Bars are set to be a popular choice this summer. Our wholesale Aero Mint Medium Bars come packed in a box of 36 from Appleton Sweets.

Kingsway Bubblegum Balls

Multi-coloured and summery, we have 248 Kingsway Bubblegum Balls in stock and ready for dispatch!

Taveners Candy Sticks

No summer would be the same without the Taveners Candy Sticks, the chalky thin white candy chewy sticks are one of tangerine's best-selling products. What’s more, they come packed in a 2.5kg bulk box and are available from us here at Appleton Sweets!

Kinnertons Choc Flavour Footballs

A great strike for Kinnerton, the Choc Flavour Footballs are a must-have for any summer playing field.

They are foil-wrapped, round chocolate flavoured mini football pieces and come packed in a 3kg loose bulk bag. They really are full of tasty flavoured chocolate!

Peco Candy Necklaces

Peco Candy Necklaces are supplied by World of Sweets. They come packed in a 100 count and weigh 2.6kg. They are a hard candy sweet that are made like a necklace in multi-colours with a disc shape round sweet.

Perfect for little girls this summer!

Swizzels Love Hearts

Share the love this summer with the Swizzels Love Hearts. Swizzels Love Heart Rolls are supplied by Swizzels Matlow. The ones that we stock at Appleton Sweets are smaller packs than usual, they have about 6 sweets wrapped per pack and each sweet has a different saying on them like "I Love You & You are cute etc". They are packed in bulk bag and weigh 3kg. A great summery retro sweet, that is an all-time kid's favourite, and great fun for all the family!

Gummy Candy Blue Dolphins

The perfect seaside accompaniment, the Gummy Candy Blue Dolphins are supplied by Park Lane. They come in a 600 count and are a tasty, fruity-flavoured soft chewy foam jelly sweet in the shape of a dolphin. Our Gummy Candy Blue Dolphins are available wholesale and can be brought from us at Appleton Sweets.

Gibbs Summer Creams

With summer in the title, the Gibbs Summer Creams are an essential summer sweet! Supplied by Golden Casket, the Gibbs Summer Creams are soft pieces of multi-coloured rock, and are one of Golden Casket’s best- selling sweets. They come packed in a 2kg jar.

Sweets for summer from Appleton Sweets

Honestly, you definitely do not want to be without this pick of sweets this summer 2016. They’ll be popular amongst all ages.

They’ll undoubtedly make children’s summer holidays super-sweet and summer for adults much sweeter!


Posted By Matt Appleton
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