Our top 10 wholesale sweet jars

29/11/2017 10:23

Our top 10 wholesale sweet jars

Sweet jars are, essentially, one of the most important features of a confectionary store. After all, the first thing you notice in a sweet shop is, of course, the sweets in the window or on the shelves. What’s more, there is a sense of nostalgia about having your choice of sweets measured out for you from a sweetie jar.

Therefore, your confectionary store will not be fulfilling the true role of the candy store without the following wholesale sweet jars!

From traditional sweets to more modern choices, take a look at our top 10 wholesale sweet jars at Appleton Sweets.

Barnetts' Everton Mints

Everton mints are always a traditional and firm favourite amongst many. From adults to children, everyone enjoys the taste of an Everton Mint.

Barnetts' Rhubarb and Custard

Although not everyone is always a fan of the traditional Rhubarb and Custard sweets, the Barnetts' Rhubarb and Custard sweets simply have to go on the shelf of your confectionary store.

Not only do these wholesale sweets offer excellent value, they rare a flavour that is bound to be appreciated by many.

Barnetts' Sarsaparilla Tablets

Going back a bit in time, the Barnetts' Sarsaparilla Tablets are certainly a blast from the past and one you simply must feature within your sweet shop! One of the most nostalgic sweets we have on offer at Appleton Sweets, we dare you to add them to shelves of your confectionary store!

Jamesons' Raspberry Ruffles

For a pang of tasty raspberry flavour, the Jamesons' Raspberry Ruffles are the ultimate choice. A great, tasty raspberry flavoured coconut fondant cream that is covered in dark chocolate and wrapped in raspberry-coloured packaging, the Raspberry Ruffles are a sure favourite amongst many!

Gibbs' Summer Creams

It may be December, but it is never too late to taste a few summer creams and they’re a must-have for every confectionary store, even at Christmas!

Tasty bites of rock that are enjoyed by many, the Gibbs' Summer Creams are always popular with the customers.

Vimto Chewy Bon Bons

Another tasty and fruity sweet, the Vimto Chewy Bon Bons are yummy Bon Bons that are adored by kids and adults alike.

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Barnetts' Sherbet Lemons

The Barnetts' sherbet lemons are a delicious, tangy and fruity sweet that are a traditional favourite.

Bright yellow in colour and bound to lift anyone’s mood in winter time, the Barnetts' sherbet lemons are a must-have for a sweetie shop!

Squirrel Floral Gums

The Squirrel Floral Gums are a hard gummy sweet with a fruit flavour. A perfect addition to a Pick ‘n’ Mix bag, the Squirrel Floral Gums are always a popular choice.

Sultan's Crystalized Stem Ginger

A popular and tasty sweet that is a traditional favourite, the Sultan's Crystalized Stem Ginger is a classic sweet jar that will be highly sought after by more senior customers!

Millions Raspberry Jar

It is essential to throw a jar of Millions into the mix of your sweet store, particularly for younger sweet lovers!

Other flavours include: Lemon, orange, strawberry, Vimto, apple, bubble-gum, cola, blackcurrant and more.

More wholesale sweet jars for your confectionary store

And if our top 10 choice of wholesale sweet jars isn’t enough? Then browse through some more sweet jars on our website!

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