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Our top choice of sweet jars for weddings this summer

27/06/2017 17:46
top summer wedding sweets

Our top choice of sweet jars for weddings this summer 

We’re well into the wedding season and, therefore, love and romance is upon us! Most of us will probably have attended a wedding in June already or have another one lined up to go to in the next few months.

However, whilst weddings can appear from the offset like fun and games, they often require impeccable planning and considerable funds. Particularly when it comes to the wedding breakfast, buffet and wedding entertainment.

Furthermore, when it comes to the wedding dessert there’s an abundance of choice. At Appleton Sweets, we propose that, if you are not sure what to put on your wedding dessert table, you should set up a sweet buffet a few hours following the wedding breakfast, full of our marvellous wholesale sweets. After all, love and sweets make for a match made in heaven! 

Ultimately, a sweet buffet offers popular bite-size desserts for a crowd that are both simple and well-liked. So, if you are looking for wedding dessert ideas instead of cake, then check out the following sweeties that make fantastic dessert buffet ideas for wedding receptions. Pop the following choice of sweets into a few sweet jars and you’ll have an ideal choice of wedding desserts for your wedding buffet table!

Wholesale Love Heart Sweets

You simply can’t go wrong with the Wholesale Love Heart Sweets  from Appleton Sweets for weddings.

From red and blue Haribo Heart Throbs to Fun Kandy Sweetheart Lollies, Swizzels Love Hearts, Peach Hearts and more, our selection of wholesale love heart sweets will ensure that love is truly in the air at any wedding.  

Ferrero Rocher

Add a little bit of luxury to your wedding event and include some Ferrero Rocher chocolates on your wedding buffet table.

Everyone will enjoy a taste of indulgent chocolate, whilst they sip on some Champagne, and what’s more, buying wholesale Ferrero Rocher’s from Appleton Sweets remains a cheap wedding dessert idea. 

wedding wholesale sweets

Glisten Sugared Almonds

A favourite amongst the older generations, sugared almonds needn’t always be hidden within a wedding cake or wedding dessert to be enjoyed on your special day!

In fact, a small, homemade box of sugared almonds can be placed on guest’s seats for a little treat before the party starts, or could be taken home as memorabilia from your special day (bet they won’t last that long though!).

Bristows Strawberry Bon Bons

You’ll please guests of all ages with the Bristows Strawberry Bon Bons! Pink in colour and with a tasty strawberry flavour, Bristows Strawberry Bon Bons tie in with the wedding theme and make for a popular addition to a wedding buffet table. 

More sweet jars for weddings this summer

Simply choose your favourite sweets from Appleton Sweets and pop them in sweet jars and set them out on your wedding buffet table for the perfect choice of simply sweet wedding dessert ideas! 

Sweet sweet love! 

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