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Our Top Pick of Sweets for a Retro Sweet Hamper

08/05/2017 11:45
top retro hamper sweets

Our Top Pick of Sweets for a Retro Sweet Hamper

Personalised sweet hampers can make for a fantastic birthday, anniversary or wedding gift and are, of course, suitable for many occasions.

What’s more, retro sweets are, in fact, among the most popular sweets to receive within a gift hamper. And in order to put together your own retro sweet hamper, simply follow our build your own sweet hamper guide and choose from the following retro options.

Retro Sweet Hamper 1: 80s Retro Sweets

80s sweets are a favourite amongst many and because we’ve been trading retro sweets wholesale since 1945 here at Appleton Sweets, we know what was popular in the 80s. That’s why we’ve got the most popular mix of 80s retro sweets for sale from our warehouse.

An 80s retro sweets sweet hamper will go down a treat, particularly amongst adults celebrating a key birthday! We won’t mention ages! What’s more, the following 80s retro sweets are a particularly good choice for an 80s retro sweets hamper:

Barratt Anglo Bubbly

The original pear-flavoured bubble gum from the 80s, just in a bigger size. The Barratt Anglo Bubbly will add bubbles and fun to your 80s sweets hamper.

H & H Sweet Tobacco

Delicious strips of coconut, covered in brown sugar. Sweet tobacco is, most definitely, a favourite from the 80s, perfect for an 80s retro sweet hamper!

Candyland Black Jacks and Fruit Salads

Black Jacks and Fruit Salads, you can’t get much more 80s than that! Choose one, the other, or both, for a personalised sweet hamper that suits your recipient’s tastes.

Fizz Wizz

Choose from cola, cherry or strawberry flavoured popping candy, all of wizz (excuse the pun!) are guaranteed to tingle your taste buds while they fizz!

Swizzels Double Dip

Lots of people love a Double Dip to remind them of the 80s! Each double dip packet from Appleton Sweets contains two flavours of sherbet and a hard candy lolly. The flavours are cherry and orange.

Retro Sweet Hamper 2: Old sweets from the 70s

There are, of course, a few famous 80s sweets that actually came about in the 70s too, including sweet tobacco, Black Jacks, Barratt Anglo Bubbly, Fizz Wizz and more.

What’s more, the following old sweets from the 70s won’t go amiss in a 70s retro sweets hamper.

Love Hearts

Swizzels Love Hearts are equally popular now as they were in the 70s (and 80s!). Perhaps the perfect choice of sweet for a romantic retro sweets hamper!

Cola Bottles

Smooth cola bottles always go down a treat and make the perfect mix when added to some more retro old sweets.

Retro Sweet Hamper 3: Haribo Sweet Hampers

Everybody loves Haribo! Therefore, you simply can’t go wrong with homemade Haribo Sweets Hamper!

You’ll know already that the following Haribo sweets will be well-received by the lucky recipient of your retro sweet hamper.

Haribo Tangfastics

Tangy and tantalizing, the Haribo Tangfastics are always a winner, amongst all ages.

Haribo Starmix

A classic sweet that no retro Haribo sweet hamper should be without.

Haribo Jelly Beans

Haribo Jelly Beans are a fun sweet that will add some extra colours and flavours into your Haribo Sweet hamper mix!

Retro Sweet Hamper 4: American Sweet Hampers

Do you know somebody that is a huge fan of American sweets? Then a retro sweet hamper full of American Sweets is sure to be well-received, right?

The following choice of sweets are ideal for American Sweet Hampers:

Airheads Blue Raspberry

Supplied by Wonka, the Airheads Blue Raspberry sweets are packets of strips of chewy sour candy belts with a great Raspberry flavour. Perfect for an American sweets hamper!

Cow Tales

Cow tales are long chewy sweets that are available in delicious chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours.

Jelly Belly Beans

Bubblegum, buttered popcorn, candy floss and coconut are just a few of the fantastic jelly belly bean flavours that you can choose from for your American sweets hamper!

Retro Sweet Hamper 5: Retro Chocolate Bars

A retro sweets hamper, full of retro chocolate bars, is sure to be loved by the lucky recipient! Make sure they don’t devour all the chocolate too quickly though!

The following retro chocolate bars make for an excellent retro sweet hamper. Yum!

Cadbury Freddo

There’s something definitively special about these small, frog-shaped chocolate bars! They’re fun-sized for children, and delicious!

Cadbury Chomp

Cadbury Chomp chocolate bars are delicious chocolate bars, filled with a 70% caramel centre.

Cadbury Fudge

Cadbury Fudge chocolate bars are a small milk chocolate fudge covered chocolate bar with a chewy caramel taste, and loved by lots of people for their delicious taste!

Curly Wurly

Everybody loves Curly Wurlys! A chewy caramel ladder, covered in tasty milk chocolate. Brilliant! A must-have for any retro sweet hamper full of retro chocolate bars!

Retro Sweet Hampers from Appleton Sweets

With a huge range of retro sweets available from Appleton Sweets, it really is easy to build your own retro sweets hamper! Have fun and enjoy!

Posted By Matt Appleton
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