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Our top pick of wholesale candy floss products from Appleton Sweets

05/09/2017 16:04

Our top pick of wholesale candy floss products from Appleton Sweets

Did you know? Candy Floss is actually only known by the name ‘Candy Floss’ in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand. Other countries refer to the confectionary as ‘Cotton Candy’ or ‘Fairy Floss’ in Australia.

Whatever its name, however, candy floss in it true form is super light, super fluffy and a popular fairground treat, however, here at Appleton Sweets we stock a variety of wholesale candy floss products that range from the traditional candy floss to candy floss flavoured sweets, like candy floss jelly beans, candy floss pops and candy floss rock sticks.

Take a look at our top pick of wholesale candy floss products from Appleton Sweets. They’re super sweet, super fun and will definitely bring the excitement of the fairground to your confectionary store.

Vimto Candy Floss

A pot of candy floss with a Vimto flavour, the Vimto Candy Floss is popular with the kids and loved for its fruity taste.

Jelly Belly Candy Floss Beans

Jelly Beans are generally available in a wide variety of flavours and, what’s more, that includes candy floss flavour! We can all trust Jelly Belly to provide us with full-on, fabulous flavours that simply can’t be topped! What’s more, candy floss is one of our favourites here at Appleton Sweets. We dare you to try it on your customers!

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Candy Floss Dummies

Kids absolutely love rock dummies. In addition, the candy floss flavour is super popular with the youngsters!

They are pink in colour and arrive in an eye-catching box that is sure to turn-heads in your confectionary store.

Candy Floss Rock Sticks

Another rocky alternative to your regular candy floss, the Candy Floss Rock Sticks are another kind of sweet treat that the children will love. Whether it is an after-school kick or a memento to take home from a September weekend away, Candy Floss Rock Sticks will bring back a little bit of summer to the Autumn term.

Candy Floss 50g Tubs

The Candy Floss Tubs have slightly more traditional candy floss features, however, this candy floss could arguably be described as a little more exciting since it is multi-coloured.

What’s more, the tubs feature a cartoon on the front and have different colour lids. Such fun!

Candy Floss 20g Cups

You may also, of course, choose to opt for 20g tubs of candy floss that will, most probably, be equally well-received by customers.

You can purchase one box that contains 12 candy floss cups and it will look great in your store. A perfect little pick-me-up or after-school snack!

More wholesale candy floss products from Appleton Sweets

Browse more wholesale candy floss products from Appleton Sweets. Happy shopping!

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