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Our top sweets for the start of term

01/09/2016 19:48

With all the children going back to school next week, confectionery stores everywhere will need to make sure their pick’n’mix shelves are stacked high, ready for the after school rush.

Here are the sweets that we think will be top sellers this September: 

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Barratt Bumper Bananas

The Barratt Bumper Bananas are big foam yellow bananas that are one of tangerines most popular products. What’s more, the kids love them! The sweets come packed in a loose bulk bag that weighs 2kg.  A fantastic retro sweet that is an all-time favourite, the Barratt Bumper Bananas are popular for their great tasting banana flavour.

Barratt Fizzy Cola Bottles

Children everywhere love the fizzy flavour of the Barratt Fizzy Cola Bottles. They are, ultimately, a sour fizzy cola tasting cola bottle sweet that make a great after school treat. 

Barratt Small Foam Shrimps

A classic and a favourite, the Barratt Small Foam Shrimps are pink in colour and really unique. What’s more, they’re loved by many and are a must-have for September’s pick’n’mix order! 

Kingsway Fizzy Dracula Teeth

The kids will have fun with these! The Kingsway Fizzy Dracula teeth are sweets that are shaped like Dracula’s fangs that come in a tasty fizzy fruit flavour. Delicious?!

Swizzels Love Hearts

You can’t go wrong with some Swizzels Love Hearts on your pick ‘n’ mix shelves. Supplied by Swizzels Matlow, these are smaller packs that the normal ones are. What’s more, they have about 6 sweets wrapped per pack and each sweet has a different saying on them like "I Love You & You are cute etc.". Ah! How lovely!

Tilleys U/W Kola Cubeskola cubes sweets

Don’t think that Kola Cubes are simply for adults, the kids love them too, we promise! Kola Cubes are boiled sweets made by Tilleys and are cola flavoured square shape sweets. A true retro sweet, they’re unwrapped and a perfect after-school sugar hit! 

Victoria Spearmint Chews

A less sugary alternative for an after-school sweet, the Victoria Spearmint chews are fabulously refreshing. 

A flavoured chewy toffee with a spearmint taste, the Victoria Spearmint chews are definitely a winning choice of pick ‘n’ mix.

Haribo Friendship Ringsharibo friendship rings

Of course, we couldn’t mention our top Pick ‘n’ Mix choices for the start of term without mentioning Haribo! The kids simply love Haribo Friendship Rings- great for imaginary games and eating! The Haribo Friendship Rings are a popular fruit flavoured ring shape sweet that come in different colours.

We’ve got more confectionary items that are suitable for the start of term for confectionary stores. Take a look at the Pick‘n’Mix section of our website for more popular pick ‘n’ mix sweets

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