Our top wholesale sweets for kids this Summer!

02/08/2017 17:45

Our top wholesale sweets for kids this Summer!

It’s the summer holidays and, no doubt, the sweets and treats are flying off the shelves! Therefore, if you are a confectionary store looking to top-up, stock-up and keep the younger customers happy, take a look at our top wholesale sweets for kids this summer below:

Slush Syrup 

All kids love an iced slush puppy on a hot summer’s day (some will even want one in the rain!) and, here at Appleton Sweets, we have an exciting range of slush syrup flavours that are simply too cool for school!

Our flavours include: Blue raspberry, cherry, cola, energy slush, pink bubble-gum, purple grape, strawberry and tropical. Therefore, whether you want to opt for traditional flavours like blue raspberry and cherry, or go for a less common flavour, like energy drink flavour, you’ll have the kids buzzing in no time!

top wholesale summer kids sweets

Candy Co Tutti Fruity Nougat

There will be some children that go for it and some that aren’t so keen, however, the Candy Co Tutti Fruity has the potential to be a really popular seller this summer. A gift to take back for Grandma, or friends, the Candy Co Tutti Fruity Nougat is a great purchase for your confectionary store. 

Candy Co Vanilla Fudge Bars

A less fruity and more creamy, buttery alternative to the fruity nougat above, the Candy Co Vanilla Fudge Bars will definitely go down well with the kids this summer!

Candy Floss Cups

Candy floss in a cup? Awesome! You’ll certainly capture the kids’ attention with these neat little cups of tasty pink and white candyfloss.

Dinosaur Rock Dummies

The kids will go roaring mad for the Dinosaur Rock Dummies, each wholesale sweets case contains 24 dummies and we’re pretty sure they won’t last long on the shelf through the summer holidays! 

Fun Candy Fizzy Cola Pops

The kids will definitely have fun with the Fun Candy Fizzy Cola Pops this summer. A basic lollypop that is round in shape and spiralled with a fizzy cola flavour. Superb!

Mr Mallo Cone Bags

The Mr Mallo Cone Bags are cone shaped bags with a cartoon on them and, even better, they’re full of delicious marshmallows that the kids will love. 

Tidmans Chocolate Small Stones

These wholesale sweets from Tidmans look just like pebbles you find on the beach. What’s more, they’re chocolate. The perfect purchase for a summer beach holiday, the children will certainly be entertained by these stone-like sweeties.

More wholesale sweets for kids this Summer

That’s right, you may not believe it, but we have more wholesale sweets for kids this summer so they can be totally spoilt this summer!

And, don’t forget, if you are looking ahead to stocking up for September when school is back on, we’ve also got a fantastic choice of wholesale sweets for the start of term. 

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