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Prepare for May half-term with the following sweets for children from Appleton Sweets!

10/05/2016 11:43

We’re just a couple of weeks away from May half-term and, whilst parents come up with a list of activities to keep the children entertained, confectionary shops everywhere are thinking about the best wholesale sweets to keep the children happy!

Here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve put together a list of sweets for half term that are sure to be down with the kids!

Barbie Lucky Bags

Perfect for the little ladies out there who love princesses, dressing up and all things pink! The Barbie Lucky Bags are lucky dip surprise bags, supplied by Bon Bon Buddies. And inside? There are sweets, Barbie games and surprises!

BBB Candy Tongue Rollers

The ideal sweets for little monsters, the BBB Candy Tongue Rollers are a superb new novelty sweet from Bon Bon Buddies. They are a candy lollipop that come in a strawberry and apple flavour.

Appletons Blue Raspberry Cables

A tasty blue raspberry flavour long soft chewy candy sweet, the kids will have great fun with the Appletons Blue Raspberry Cables!

Fun Kandy Pineapple Pops

A unique sweet for May half-term that will bring a touch of tropical to their holiday, the Fun Kandy Pineapple Crush Lollipops are delicious pineapple flavoured lollies made in the UK by Fun Kandy. The wholesale tub from Appleton Sweets contains 50 lollypops that are packed full of flavour.

Appletons 5L Energy Slush Syrup

The ultimate energy! The kids will be fuelled up for fun (and hopefully not too hyperactive!) with the Appletons 5L Energy Slush Syrup.

The Appletons 5L Relentless, Red Bull, energy Slush Syrup is a 5-litre large tub of a Red Bull type flavour syrup that makes great ice cold slush puppy drinks.

Slush syrup is a concentrated syrup that, when mixed with water, makes fantastic, mouth-watering slush drinks in an assortment of flavours that all the family can enjoy.

Our slush syrups come in a ratio mix of 1-7 when diluted with water, which means that with one 5 litre tub, you can get up too 35L of this slush product, for the maximum amount of energy fuel possible!

BBB Triple Candy Spray

The Triple Candy Spray is supplied by Bon Bon Buddies and is a sweet with a difference for half-term!  The Triple Candy Spray comes with 3 flavours: Cherry, raspberry and cola.

Brain Blasterz Dark Fruits

Definitely a sweet only suitable for the school holidays (they don’t want their brain blasted at school, of course!), the Brain Blasterz Dark Fruits are extremely sour candy sweets, that are manufactured by Bon Bon Buddies. They come packed in a box of 12 tubs (with lids).

What’s more, each Brain Blasterz tub weighs 48g and inside are a wrapped sour candy sweet in three great mega sour flavours: Strawberry, blackcurrant and raspberry. They come in a bright green and yellow tub and are, basically, a mega sour candy sweet with a real tangy sour flavour! These sweets are not suitable for children under 36 months.

Sweets for May half-term from Appleton Sweets

We have lots more sweets available from Appleton Sweets, that will make the perfect addition to your May half-term (even if you aren’t a child anymore!).

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