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Why retro sweets are the perfect Christmas gift

11/12/2019 13:48

Who doesn’t love Christmas and all things festive? The ritual picking of the tree, bringing it home, setting it up in the same place in the same room every year, then decorating it with baubles and ornaments that you’ve collected over the years, or been gifted. 


And speaking of gifts, what are you going to gift your loved ones this year? Something dull and predictable like a pair of socks and some new hankies? Or a piece of technology that is going to be returned by the 27th? 


Giving a gift doesn’t mean breaking the bank to afford something unattainable, gift giving is about the thought, about considering the person you love and giving them something they love. And who doesn’t love sweets? In particular retro sweets. 


What better gift is there than giving someone the gift of their childhood? 

Retro sweets Christmas gift

A gift of retro sweets is the perfect present for that one person who has everything.... oh, who are we kidding? Retro sweets are the perfect gift for everyone. Who doesn’t love sweets combined with a trip down memory lane? 


Because let’s face it, when else is it acceptable to eat your body weight in sweets if not at Christmas?

Retro sweets

There’s something particular delightful about tucking into a Swizzels drumstick lollipop, unwrapping the crinkly paper, tasting the first fruity hit of sweetness and instantly being transported back to a time when we didn’t care about mortgage repayments or what mood the boss is in today. 


Yes, there has been a lot of furore about the amount of sugar we are consuming globally, but for the naysayers they can always indulge in sugar free sweets (Barnett’s sugar free pear drops and Maxon’s sugar free cola cubes being particular favourites). For the rest of us however, treating ourselves (or a loved one) to a nostalgic retro sweet once in a while isn’t going to do us any harm!

Appleton retro sweets

And we at Appleton Sweets are enormous fans of retro sweets. So much so we’ve dedicated an entire section of the site to ensure that we stock only the best reminders of your childhood. So when you gift retro sweets, you aren’t just giving a fantastic physical gift, you’re gifting nostalgia. 


Retro sweets appeal not just to our taste buds, but to our sense of wellbeing. The very sight of them in their familiar wrappers, the smell as you unveil the delight inside all wrapped up in a protective, colourful coat, the instant time travel the moment they hit our taste buds. All of our senses come alive and transport us to incredibly happy times...


Carefree childhoods spent running around with friends; family holidays to the seaside (with a souvenir stick of rock); a midnight feast at a sleepover; the ten pence mix of sweets that would contain all of your favourites - from cola bottles to shrimps, foam bananas to fried eggs, even chocolate mice and parma violets


No matter how old or young the intended recipient of your retro sweets gift, we have something in our retro sweets section that will appeal to all tastes and generations. 

Retro sweets



So what are you waiting for? When the big day finally rolls around, what better way to kick back and relax after gorging on turkey and Christmas pudding, than with a selection of retro sweets. 


Appleton Sweets has one of the largest ranges of old fashioned sweets available in the UK, so you know that whatever it is you want, you can find with us. 

Posted By Matt Appleton
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