The Retro Sweets Having a Renaissance

26/04/2019 17:18

Reminiscing is great for our health. Nostalgia not only has psychological health benefits, but proven physiological ones too. Taking a trip down memory lane boosts our moods; it allows us to feel hopeful, to remember that even when our day is not going well, we can recall times when we were happy. Memory is so powerful it can even make us feel physically warm when we are cold.

The power of memory should never be underestimated. So replay and fantasise about the folly of your youth as often as you can, and reap the rewards as you deal with your daily stressors. Nostalgia can be considered part of the human condition because what other species takes such pleasure in remembering the simple things that pleased them when they were young? So how to you invoke these memories of your childhood, what if you don’t actually remember all the great times you had when you were a kid? One way is through your mouth.

The link between taste and memory

When you take a bite of something, your taste buds are activated - each taste bud has approximately 50 - 100 gustatory receptor cells which collect information about every item food of we consume, in particular its chemical makeup, and sends signals to our brains about each morsel, to the gustatory cortex, the area of our brain that makes us conscious of the sensation of taste. However it isn’t just our taste buds that invoke memories, no, our sense of smell is the key reason why food is capable of transporting us back 40 years in the space of a single heartbeat.

Smell and memory

Whilst the exact science behind why we get involuntary memories remains a mystery (involuntary memories being the ones that are conjured when you tuck into your retro sweets for example), there is a an understanding that they are linked because the olfactory cortex - the part of your brain that deciphers smells, is incredibly close to the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for memory.

These two parts of the brain are so closely related in fact, that studies have revealed that if the hippocampus is damaged, our sense of smell can in turn be harmed.

So why the link between taste and memory? Well, scientists think the link is evolutionary. When we were hunter gatherers, the internet most definitely wasn’t around, so we had to remember what foods we could and couldn’t eat without making ourselves sick. If you ate something that made you unwell, you’d want to remember it, wouldn’t you, in order to avoid consuming it again in the future. Same if you ate something truly delicious, you’d want to eat it again.

What could potentially have begun as a mechanism for survival, has fast developed into an ability to enjoy food. Which leads us neatly onto...

The Appleton Retro Sweets Offering

So if your taste buds are looking for a blast from the past, you should look no further than our very own retro sweets range. We all love to take a trip down memory lane and our sense of taste is one such wonder capable of instantly transporting us back to our childhoods. If you’re hankering after some old fashioned sweets that are no longer around, or want to whet your appetite with the mouthwatering magic of 70s and 80s retro sweets check out our retro sweets offerings.

But just what retro sweets are having a renaissance?

For starters there are the whole range from Barratt - who can forget the synthetic banana flavour of the foam bananas? Or the candy sticks we used to suck on or pretend to ‘smoke’. Or what about the Dip Dab, the boiled sweet lolly dipped in fizzy, tangy sherbert, or the perennially popular Dolly Mixture. Maybe it’s the minty flavour of Humbugs that does it for you, or the tasty tang of Swizzels Love Hearts?

Whatever it is, here at Appleton Sweets, we bring you the biggest assortment of retro sweets you knew and loved… So if you’re looking to buy retro sweets wholesale in the UK, don’t go anywhere else – you’ve come to the right place.

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