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Sci-fi sweets for World UFO Day from Appleton Sweets

23/06/2016 13:12

July 2nd 2016, next week, marks World UFO Day. A day for sci-fi enthusiasts, scientists, schools and UFO fans to celebrate UFOs.sci fi wholesale sweets

Ultimately, July 2nd is the perfect day to watch UFO movies, talk about the possibility of alien life and UFOs, as well as simply to learn more about science fiction.

And with astronaut Tim Peake recently landing from space, 2016 is set to be the greatest UFO day yet!

And what better addition to UFO quizzes, movies and fun facts than the following sci-fi sweets from Appleton Sweets?

Vidal Alien Eggs

Vidal Alien Eggs these are supplied by Vidal and come in a 200 count. They come in small, black sci-fi packet and are a fabulous-tasting bubblegum from another planet!

Haribo Starmix

3-2-1-blast off! A legendary sweet that will have you jetting off to another galaxy, the Haribo starmix is Haribo’s best-selling line and is made up from all your favourites sweets, supplied by Haribo. The Haribo Starmix from Appleton Sweets are packed in 160g bag that come in boxes of 12 count. These soft foam chewy sweets are an absolute must-have for World UFO Day!

Frisia Flying Saucers

World UFO Day would not be the same without a Flying Saucer (or two!) from Frisia.

Flying saucers are small UFO-shaped rice paper pieces that have become one of the most popular retro sweets of all time! The wholesale box of 3000 flying saucers from Appleton and Sons is a great (and cheap!) way to fill pick’n’mix bins just in time for World UFO Day. Each small UFO comes with a sherbet filling inside.

Star Wars Jelly Beans

A sci-fi jelly bean for World UFO Day, the Star Wars Jelly Beans are supplied by Jelly Belly. They come in box of 12 count. Each packet weighs approximately 80g and are, basically, an assortment of small chewy flavoured Gourmet jelly beans. The Darth Vader on the front of the packet provides the perfect sci-fi punch!

Marshmallow Fluff

Is it the moon? Or an alien? Or perhaps what happens to sweets in outer space?

No! It is Marshmallow Fluff!

Marshmallow Fluff will add a lot of fun to World UFO Day for the children. Marshmallow Fluff is one of the most popular American treats and comes in a variety of flavours, including raspberry, vanilla and strawberry. The Marshmallow Fluff from Appleton Sweets is strawberry flavoured and is packed in 12's. Each tub of fluff weighs 212g (on Earth, that is, anyway!).

World UFO Day from Appleton Sweets

Have fun on World UFO Day and get creative with your sci-fi sweets. Use them for prizes, to create out-of-the-ordinary recipes, such as UFO-inspired cakes and biscuits!

Why not send us some pictures? Happy UFO Day!

Posted By Matt Appleton
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