Secrets of the most successful confectionery stores REVEALED

11/06/2019 16:07

A visit to a confectionery store might be associated with an after-school treat for the children. However, when confectionery store owners get it right, it can also be an adult’s pastime too.

Not only can a confectionery store make an enjoyable visit for customers, confectionery is a lucrative industry.

How have the biggest confectionery stores in the world become so popular?

According to, the UK has a confectionery market revenue of £11,168.93 million.

There is clearly potential for a confectionery store. And that potential is true across the globe.

In fact, the following stores are nailing it when it comes to sweet success.

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most successful confectionery stores...

Once we’ve established the most successful stores, we’ll reveal the reasons behind why they are so popular so that other confectionery store owners can take on board their secrets.

A few of the most successful sweet shops across the globe:

Candylicious, Dubai

The slogan of Candylicious in Dubai is “Eat Happy”. Candylicious is located in the Dubai Mall. With spun candy hung from the ceiling and a colourful theme, Candylicious attracts a large number of visitors.

Papabubble, Tokyo

Papabubble offers the unique opportunity to see sweets being handmade by artisans. The way they make the sweets is like a theatrical performance.

Candy sushi anyone?

Sassafrass Sweet Shoppe, Winter Park, Florida

An old-fashioned sweet store that is home to both modern and old school sweets, Sassafrasse Sweet Shoppe has a choice of popcorn, cookies, cotton candy and more. Visitors put the sweets into small paper bags- very traditional!

Secrets of successful stores...Is it possible to be as successful as these three confectionery stores?

Follow the tips below to find out...

Vary Your Product Line

A varied choice of products will help keep customers interested. It will also expand your customer base.

Think about catering for vegans, vegetarians, nut allergy sufferers, celiacs, people with a dairy intolerance, diabetics and others.

The more people you cater for, the more opportunity you make to attract new and returning customers.


Create Your Own Products

Creating your own, unique products is a great way of adding a “bespoke” quality to your store.

Make your store renowned to be the one with the colourful cake, most unusual ice cream flavour, the largest ice lolly...and the list goes on!

If you create a product (that’s desired!) that people can’t find elsewhere, then you’re bound to get customers buying it from your store.


Make Your Brand Stand Out

What is going to be unique about your store?

Are you going to sell over 50 flavours of Ice Cream? Will you stock the entire Millions selection? Will you stock 100 flavours of fudge?

Decide what will be unique about your store and make sure that message is clear to customers.

Reward Loyal Customers

There is nothing like an incentive to encourage customers to return. How about 20% off your next visit or “receive a free goody bag on a return visit”?

The choice is yours.

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