Seven different sweets for the days of the week

05/04/2016 08:46

After the Easter bank holiday or school half-term, it can sometimes feel a bit of a chore getting back to work, back to the same old routine and, of course, the dreaded school run. But don’t fear! Here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve got a range of sweeties that can keep your sugar levels up throughout the week so you feel positive, energized and looking forward to your day ahead!

Take a look at the following seven sweeties for the week (yes, we’ve included some sweets for the weekend too, so that you’ve got a treat for everyday!):

Monday’s Milk Chocolate Teddy Marshmallows

You may not have seen anything quite like these Milk Chocolate Teddy Marshmallows before! So why not start the week off with something exciting?

Imported from France, these chocolate teddies have a yummy marshmallow middle.

A Traditional jar of Mint Humbugs for Tuesday

A grandparent’s firm favourite, Maxons’ Black and White Humbugs will make a tasty treat for Tuesday (no matter what your age!). The mint humbugs from Maxons are pillow-shaped mint flavoured hard boiled sweets with a chewy toffee centre, and are just one of many in the Maxons range of hard boiled sweets available at Appletons.

Wednesday’s wonderful fudge

Bristows’ Wrapped Vanilla Fudge are wrapped chunks of delicious vanilla fudge that will make the perfect treat to sweeten up a Wednesday.

Sugar-free Thursday

After full-on fudge on Wednesday, it may be an idea to lighten your sugar load on a couple of days this week. So, we thought the Free’ist Dark Chocolate Bar would be the best treat for Thursday. The Free’ist dark chocolate bar contains sweeteners with maltitol, instead of sugar, and are gluten free, what’s more each bar contains a minimum of 52% cocoa.

Fizzy Friday

The Barratt Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles add extra fruity taste to the traditional fizzy cola bottle, and therefore make for the ultimate fizzy Friday sweet. The sour fizzy cherry cola bottles come in a shape of a bottle and are super-sugary!

Tea and Sugar-free Biscuits on Saturday

There is nothing better than a cuppa tea and a biscuit (especially when we’re chilling at the weekend!). What’s more, we’ve got sugar-free biscuits in stock here at Appleton Sweets.

The sugar-free digestives from gullón offer a sugar-free option on a traditional favourite, and will make the perfect addition to your tea or coffee this Saturday.

Giant sour strawberries for Sunday

The Haribo Giant Sour Strawbs are made by Haribo. Delicious sour strawberries, the Giant Sour Strawbs are one of Haribo best sellers. A soft and chewy jelly red sour strawberry flavoured sweet, they’re popular amongst all ages, and are a sociable sweet for Sunday!

So, here’s wishing you a lovely week here at Appleton Sweets (we hope it is super-sweet!).

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