Simply Sweet Vintage Birthday Gifts

18/07/2017 17:52

Simply Sweet Vintage Birthday Gifts 

Sweets make for the perfect gift, after all, who in the world doesn’t enjoy a sweet treat? Even better, making a hand-made vintage birthday gift with somebody’s favourite sweets can make for a great value, loving gift that is simple but special. 

Take a look at some of the following simply sweet birthday gift ideas from Appleton Sweets. We’ve chosen some of our favourite sweets and gathered together the following birthday gifts:

Personalised Retro Sweets Jar 

Why not design your own label for a jar and fill it with your favourite retro sweets? We suggest popular favourites like Bumper Bananas, Dolly Mixture, Jelly Babies, Jelly Beans, Jelly Spogs, Salad and Black Jacks, and more. Whatever you choose, you’ll create a vintage gift that is bound to be well-received. 

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Sweet Tree 

You could also design your own sweet tree, opting for a choice of their favourite sweets or simply opting for one Pick ‘n’ Mix option.

The best way to make a sweet tree is to attach a stick to a polystyrene ball and attach some wrapped sweets to it with PVA glue. What’s more, if the sweets are not wrapped, you could, of course, use cocktail sticks to insert them onto the polystyrene ball. 

Vintage Sweets Hamper

And, of course, you can always make your very own sweets hamper, combining your lucky recipient’s favourite sweets all-in-one. 

Perhaps you could lay the sweets onto some multi-coloured tissue paper for a really special gift, and add in some glitter or sequins for some extra sparkle!

A Box of Delicious Chocolates

We have a selection of Beech’s Chocolate Boxes in a variety of flavours here at Appleton Sweets, including Dark Chocolate Orange, Turkish Delight, Coffee, Crystalized Ginger and more, all of which can make for a perfect vintage birthday gift idea, particularly when you opt for one of our old fashioned-looking boxes!

More Sweet Vintage Birthday Gifts from Appleton Sweets

If you would like some alternative vintage birthday gift ideas, then why not contact us at Appleton Sweets? We’re happy to help!

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