Sizzling sweets for sherbet fanatics

24/08/2016 15:09

If sherbet sweets get rushed off the shelves in your confectionary store, then it would seem that your customers are serious sherbet fans!

Tangy, tantalising and fantastic, sherbet is a popular retro sweet loved by many. What’s more, here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve got tons of wholesale sherbet sweets that will tickle, taunt and tantalise the tastebuds! Take a look:

sherbet sweets

Tilleys Sherbet Lemons

Tilleys Sherbet Lemons are a popular sherbet sweet. What’s more, they’re definitely retro! The sweets are made by Tilleys and feature a hard lemon shell on the outside with a lemon sherbet centre inside. They have a sharp lemon flavour and come packed in a 3kg bulk bag.

What Next Candy Sherbet Fruits

Supplied by What Next Candy, their Sherbet Fruits are simply superb! They are, ultimately, small plastic containers that look just like the fruits that the sherbet inside tastes like!

These novelty candies from Appleton Sweets contain 70 individual fruits inside with flavours ranging from orange to apple! As you can see, these are a great Candy Fruit Sweet.

Tilleys Sherbet Fruits

Tilleys Sherbet fruits are delicious, wrapped fruit sweets with a sherbet filled centre and come in an assortment of colours. They are a great retro sweet that all the family love! What’s more, confectionary stores will see them fly off the Pick’n’Mix shelves.

Thornes Sugar Free Sherbet Lemons

It is almost unbelievable when we here about sugar-free sherbet, but the Thornes Sugar Free Sherbet Lemon Sherbet Lemons s claim to be exactly that!

A sugar-free, hard-boiled sweet that are individually wrapped, the Thornes Sugar Free Sherbet Lemons are sour-tasting and fabulous!

Bazooka Sherbet Straws

Sherbet with a twist, the Bazooka Sherbet Strawz are supplied by Topps and come in a box of 50 count. They are long straw shaped sweets that are full of a delicious bubble-gum flavour. Awesome!

Looking for another tangy twist on the traditional sherbet sweet?

The Park Lane Sour Blackcurrant Rings are not sherbet sweets, but tangy just the same! A great alternative to those who like the fizz, but not the sherbet, the blackcurrant rings are purple and white fizzy gummy rings. What’s more, the kids will love them!

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