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Spring into Spring with our wholesale Fizzy Sweets!

20/02/2017 08:45
wholesale fizzy sweets

Depending on where you are located in the UK, you’ll hopefully have experienced some milder weather this weekend.

Whether you’ve opened your confectionary store later for some hardcore British tourists, or taken some time out from work for a country walk or bike ride, we hope you feel as though Spring is on its way and ‘just around the corner’!

And, with Spring on our minds here at Appleton Sweets, we’re celebrating with some fizz! Take a look at some of our wholesale fizzy sweets from Appleton Sweets, we’re hoping they’ll help wholesalers truly spring into Spring!

Barratt Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles 

Supplied by Tangerine, the Barratt Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles come in a 3kg bulk bag from Appleton Sweets. They cost £6.49 (ex. VAT) and £7.79 (inc. VAT), and their flavour? That’s right (you guessed it!) a sour, fizzy cherry cola taste. A flavour sweetie fans of all ages will love!

But what if they are a sweet fan who are not keen on cherries?

Not to worry! The Barratt Fizzy Cola Bottles are the perfect alternative to the cherry flavour bottles. They are the same price and equally fizzy, they just don’t have the additional cherry tang!

Barratt Fizzy Dummies

Multi-coloured and fizzy, the Barratt Fizzy Dummies are a winner amongst the kids. They come in a 2kg bulk bag that costs £4.99 (ex. VAT) and £5.99 (inc. VAT), and are, ultimately, jelly-shaped dummies with a fizzy sugar covering them. What’s more, they’ve got a real fruity flavour. Fantastic!

Kingsway Fizzy Chips 

Forget fried and think fizzy, the Kingsway Fizzy Chips come in an array of colours and are a fun sweet loved by all!

Fruity and colourful, the Kingsway Fizzy Chips will brighten anyone’s day! The price of the Kingsway Fizzy Chips from Appleton Sweets is £9.00 (ex. VAT) and £10.80 (inc. VAT) for a 3kg bulk bag. 

Maxons Fizzy Wizzies

The Maxons Fizzy Wizzy sweets are absolutely superb boiled sweets that offer the ultimate fizzy taste. Not only do they come in many different colours, they cost only £7.49 (ex. VAT), or £8.99 (inc. VAT), for a 3.18kg wholesale bag. Brilliant!

Haribo Tangfastics

We couldn’t possibly write a blog on fizzy sweets without mentioning the legendary Haribo Tangfastics, of course. A favourite amongst Haribo fans with a love for all-things-fizzy, the Haribo Tangfastics are always a best-seller.

Here at Appleton Sweets, we sell Haribo Tangfastics packed in a 160g bag, in a box of 12 count for £6.99 (ex. VAT) and £8.39 (inc. VAT). We also sell smaller bags of Tangfastics that can be sold at 10p per pack. These bags are packed in a box of 100, and cost £5.59 (ex. VAT) or £6.71 (inc. VAT).

More Fizzy Sweets from Appleton Sweets

If you still haven’t had your fix of fizz, then have a look at our further range of fizzy sweets at Appleton Sweets and spring into Spring with our wholesale Fizzy Sweets!

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