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Are Sugar-Free Sweets Any Good? What's the best tasting Sugar-Free Sweet?

22/08/2019 12:34

Sugar free sweets can, at first glance, appear a contradiction in terms. Because surely a product that is sugar free is no longer sweet?

Well, the advances in food technology have come on leaps and bounds so quickly in recent years that actually, sweets without sugar are just as sweet. Which leads to the question - are sugar free sweets any good?

What are sugar-free sweets?

It’s almost impossible to read a newspaper or watch the news without some mention of the obesity epidemic that is currently consuming us globally. And for good reason, food producers have taken it upon themselves to sneak sugar into all manner of foods. But you can take back control of your carb intake by opting for sugar free sweets. 

Sugar-free sweets are still sweets, it’s just that the white sugar they would normally be made with has been replaced with an alternative sweetener (we cover a couple of the most common sugar alternatives later on). 

Why are sugar-free sweets healthier for you? 

Sugar-free sweets prevent tooth decay

When you eat sugar, the bacteria in your mouth consume their fair share too and produce an acid that damages the enamel on your teeth as a result. The bacteria in our mouths don’t eat the sugars used in sugar-free sweets, however, so they don’t produce acid thereby avoiding rotting your teeth. 

Boiled sweets are particularly bad culprits for causing tooth decay because they are designed to dissolve slowly in your mouth, allowing the bacteria ample feeding opportunities. Luckily there are delicious sugar-free boiled sweets that you can switch to and keep your pearly whites, white. 

Sugar-free sweets can be eaten by diabetics

If you suffer from diabetes, your body is not able to control its blood sugar levels. Diabetics need to avoid eating sugar to prevent their blood sugar levels spiking. But sugar-free sweets and diabetic chocolate are great sweet treat alternatives as they contain sweeteners that don’t affect the blood sugar levels. 

Sugar free sweets can help you with weight loss

Switching to sugar free sweets from those high in sugar, helps you lose weight. The main reason for this is you aren’t denying yourself your favourite food. So when you do eat it, you don’t binge. But not only that, sugar free sweets can have up to 75% less calories than regular sweets, meaning you can have the occasional sweet treat without any added guilt. 

The other problem with dieting is that once you’ve relaxed your strict eating regime, it’s all too easy for bad habits to creep back in. But by consuming sugar free sweets instead, you can indulge when you want, without worrying about putting any weight back on.

Sugar alternatives

There are so many sugar alternatives that you can use at home in place of white sugar - honey, maple syrup, agave nectar for example. The most common sugar alternatives found in commercial sweets however are: 

  • Xylitol - also known as birch sugar. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol and is naturally found in some fruits and vegetables. Xylitol has 40% fewer calories than white sugar and it doesn’t cause your blood sugar levels to spike once you’ve eaten it. Xylitol also doesn’t contribute to tooth decay because the bacteria in your mouth don’t eat it. 

  • Stevia - this sugar substitute comes from South America and has been an approved sugar substitute since 2011. Stevia has no calories, nor does it damage your teeth. It also has no impact on your blood sugar levels. But it is a lot sweeter than sugar (300-400 times sweeter), so a little goes a long way. 

Are sugar free sweets any good?

Yes. Sugar free sweets taste and look just like regular sweets. Take the sugar free jelly bears we stock or the sugar free cola bottles - they look just like the regular ones, so you wouldn’t even notice you’re eating something sugar free. 

Sugar free sweets are so good that even the big brands are hopping on board - Werthers now do a sugar free butter candy and Twizzlers do a sugar free twist

So there really is no reason to miss out on your favourite sweet treats if you’ve cut out sugar - sugar free sweets are just as good as the regular sweets, just better for you. 

Posted By Matt Appleton
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posted on 23/08/2019 16:44
Will you be doing an advent calendar this year, seen one you done s few years ago and loved it
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