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Super sweet cupcakes for National Cupcake Week

06/09/2016 07:20

Whether you know it or not, this week is National Cupcake Week and it is time to get baking! Cupcakes make excellent cupcake sweetsadditions to birthday celebrations, wedding parties and other social events, therefore, why not get in the spirit of the week and make your own cupcakes?

Here at Appleton Sweets, we’re celebrating National Cupcake Week and have put together a list of marvellous sweeties that will make excellent toppings for super-sweet cupcakes:

Barratt Dew Drops

The kids will love decorating cup cakes with Barratt Dew Drops. Made by Tangerine, the Barratt Dew Drops are small pieces of hard jelly drops sweets that are covered in sugar. They come in an assortment of colours and are made of only natural colours and flavours. This means they really are perfect for decorating cakes, no matter what the occasion!

Barratt Jelly Babies

Why not add some little people to your cupcakes? Barratt Jelly Babies can definitely add to the fun during National Cupcake Week and will make a great addition to your homemade cupcakes.

Traditional and retro, the Barratt Jelly Babies are basically an assorted multi-coloured flavoured, soft chewy sweet with a dusted covering on the outside. They’ll definitely make your cupcakes even more delicious.

Haribo Gold Bears

Haribo Gold Bears are another perfect sweet to sprinkle on your cupcakes. They are, ultimately, a popular, retro, bear-shaped sweet from the past made with a fruit flavour. Pure treasure!

Kingsway Beach Mix

Hold on to the end of the summer and make your cupcakes with the Kingsway Beach Mix! Gummy sweets in the shape of spades, ice cream and other beach delights, they’re sure to brighten anyone’s day! Especially those that are returning to work after a long holiday!

Kingsway Butterfliescandy butterflies

Little girls will love decorating their cupcakes with the Kingsway Butterflies. These realistic jelly sweets are shaped like butterflies and have a slight sugar coating. What’s more, they’re extremely popular cake decorations!

Kingsway Jelly Foam Bears

Kingsway Jelly Foam Bears are a fruit flavoured soft foam jelly sweets that come in the shape of a teddy bear. They work well with a range of other sweeties when used as cake decorations!

Kingsway Tutti Frutti

For the ultimate fruity cupcake, decorate your cakes with Kingsway Tutti Frutti sweets. Kingsway Tutti Frutti are gummy sweets that are shaped like real fruits and taste just like the fruits themselves! Fabulous!

And, finally, one for the adults…

Kingsway Pint Potscandy pint pots

The Kingsway Pint Pots are a soft brown and white gummy bottle and are one of Kingsway's best-selling products. What’s more, they make the perfect addition to an alcoholic cupcake recipe! Enjoy!

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