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14/11/2016 15:21
Christmas sweet hampers ideas

If you are a confectionary retailer currently thinking about that all-important Christmas stock for your confectionary store, have you thought about creating your own Christmas sweet hampers with some of the great value wholesale products for sale from Appleton Sweets?

Sweet Hampers make a great gift for a range of people in your life. Whether you want to put a sweet hamper together for a couple, a child, a grandparent or a cousin, you’ll find the perfect sweets here at Appleton Sweets.

As a confectionary retailer, you could put together the following gift hampers to sell to your customers, you could sell Christmas sweet hampers, complete with sweets, or you could sell the baskets separately for customers to choose their hamper’s sweet collection themselves. All you need to do is purchase some wicker baskets, and some fabulous sweets too, of course!

Whichever way you wish to sell your hampers, take a look at the following sweet hamper ideas from Appleton Sweets.

Retro Sweet Hampers

Jars of Dolly Mixture, bags of Jelly Babies and a handful of Fruit Salads, and Black Jacks, will make excellent sweets for retro sweet hampers.

Retro sweet hampers will be popular with adults and children alike. Adults will appreciate the nostalgia associated with the retro sweeties, while children will absolutely love the choice of sweeties hidden within the hamper.

Other sweets that you may choose for a retro sweet hamper are: Jelly Beans, Chocolate Eggs, Coca Cola bottles, sugared almonds, candy sticks and more.

Sugar-free Sweet Hampers

We have a range of sugar-free sweets available from Appleton Sweets. From Rhubarb and Custard sugar-free sweets, to Dandelion and Burdock sweets, as well as sugar-free chocolate and liquorice, Appleton Sweets have a fabulous collection of sugar-free sweets for the best sugar-free hampers for Christmas 2016.

Traditional Sweet Hampers

You won’t disappoint anyone with a traditional sweet hamper this Christmas! They’ll love a sweet hamper filled with a range of sweets, including: Jamesons’ Milk Chocolate Creams, Barnetts’ Fruit Candy Rock, Ross’s Champagne Creams, Ross’s Violet Creams, a choice of fudge tablets and more.

Sweet Hampers for Kids

Kids sweets are so much fun! And, what’s more, they’ll love to receive a sweet hamper this Christmas.

Take a look at the following sweeties, sure to be loved by children everywhere. Kids will love a sweet hamper full of themed lucky bags, surprise eggs, marshmallow pops, pop-up candy, candy spray and more.

Vegetarian Sweet Hampers

You’ll even be able to put together a vegetarian sweet hamper with Appleton Sweets this Christmas.

We have a range of vegetarian sweets, including: Nutty crunch, assorted sours orange slices, fudge and more.

More sweet hamper ideas from Appleton Sweets

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sweet hampers filled with wholesale sweets from Appleton Sweets.

You may want to opt for pink sweet hampers, blue sweet hampers, purple sweet hampers, sugar-free biscuit hampers, Christmas-themed sweet hampers, jelly sweet hampers and more.

Contact us at Appleton Sweets for more sweet hamper ideas

If you would like to find out more about our sweet hamper ideas, or indeed any of our wholesale sweets, then please contact us at Appleton Sweets. We’ll be happy to help!


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