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Sweet retro gift ideas for Father's Day

With not long to go until Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June, we’re all thinking about how we can spoil our dads and let him know just how much he means to us this year.

Therefore, confectionary stores everywhere should take advantage of the national holiday and invest in a selection of sweet retro gift ideas to make their customers happy.

Here at Appleton Sweets, we have a range of sweet retro gift ideas that are perfect for dads with a sweet-tooth. Our sweets make for Father's Day unique gifts, and can most definitely brighten his day.

Take a look at some of our sweet retro gift ideas for Father’s Day below:

Bacon, Egg and Sausage Rock Candy Plate

If he is a fan of rock candy and also impartial to a good old English breakfast, he may be happy to receive the Bacon, Egg and Sausage Rock Candy Plate. 

The Rock Candy Plate features a true-to-life bacon, egg and sausage and is one of our Father’s Day unique gifts at Appleton Sweets. What’s more, it is guaranteed to inspire laughter this Father’s Day! 

Beechs Choc Turkish Delight

Is he a Turkish Delight fan? Then the Beechs Choc Turkish Delight definitely won’t go amiss this Father’s Day. An indulgent chocolate bar filled with classic Turkish Delight, the Beechs Choc Turkish Delight is an ideal gift for Father’s Day. 

Beechs Dark Chocolate Brazils

An alternative if your dad isn’t a fan of Turkish delight, the Beechs Dark Chocolate brazils are a luxury and nutty chocolate treat.

Boynes Sugar Mice

A complete retro classic, if your dad really does have a super-sweet tooth, then the Boynes Sugar Mice will bring him happily back to his childhood.

Be warned: They are literally pure sugar, so may not be suitable for dads who are already bouncing off the walls!

Giant 800g Gummy Candy Beer Glass

You simply can’t get a more suitable sweet for Father’s Day than the Giant 800g Gummy Candy Beer Glass. 

The Beer Glass sweet is ultra-sized and presented in a fantastic display box. Awesome! Any beer-mad dad will be impressed!

Giant Mallow Big Foot

If your dad has extra-large feet, the Giant Mallow Big Foot may be a suitable sweet to taunt him this Father’s Day!

More Super Sweet Retro Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

If you would like to look at more of our super sweet retro gift ideas for Father’s Day, then feel free to browse our fantastic choice of gift ideas and retro sweets. They’re sure to provide you with super sweet retro gift ideas for Father’s Day, that your dad will be happy to receive.