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Sweet Rock Candy from Appleton Sweets

09/08/2017 14:21

Sweet Rock Candy from Appleton Sweets

We know that everyone loves sweet rock candy here at Appleton Sweets and that’s why we sell a huge variety from various confectioners that are sure to be loved by customers of all ages.

Our rock candy ranges from novelty rock, to standard rock bars and more, we’ve got a variety of flavours that suit everyone. Banoffee pie, bubblegum and candy floss.

Bubblegum Dummies

Bubblegum dummies are popular with the kids, not only for their fantastic tastes but for their fun shape too!

Blue and pink in colour, the bubblegum dummies are sure to be flying off the shelves!

Coconut Rock Sticks

If you are a fan of coconut flavour and a taste of the tropics, the coconut rock sticks are one to go for!

Cookie Dough Dummies

With cookie dough ice cream being such a hit, the Cookie Dough Dummies are sure to be a popular option of sweet rock candy. If you are looking for a talking point for your confectionary store, the Cookie Dough Dummies are a great option.

Fizzy Cola Rock Sticks

You can’t go without the good old traditional fizzy cola flavour, of course, and the fizzy cola rock sticks are the perfect treat for a summer’s day.

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Dinosaur Rock Dummies

Another one that’s down with the kids the Dinosaur Rock Dummies have an awesome fruity flavour and are characterized with a dinosaur.

Fruity Rainbow Rock Sticks

A rainbow is a beautiful addition to a summer’s day and the fruity rainbow rock sticks look bright and taste great too! Sure to attract attention from young and old customers alike, the Fruity Rainbow Rock Sticks are a colourful addition to a daytime in British summer.

Salted Caramel Dummies

A luxury flavour of sweet rock candy that is a slightly premium flavour (but still a great price!), the salted caramel dummies are an elegant rock candy flavour that are sure to impress the customers.

Scrumpy Cider Rock Sticks

Scrumpy cider rock sticks are popular for any confectionary store and most definitely taste great! A flavour that will capture attention from the adults (probably more than the kids!), the scrumpy cider rock sticks is definitely one for the sweetie shelves!

Strawberry Cheesecake Rock

You can’t go wrong with a bit of strawberry cheesecake for the sweet-toothed fans out there!

More Sweet Rock candy from Appleton Sweets

There are more options of sweets available from Appleton Sweets. Feel free to browse our collection of sweet rock candy or call our team to make an order. 

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