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Sweet Shops: How To Prepare For 2020

24/11/2019 06:12

Once you’ve boxed up that remaining Christmas stock and taken down the decorations, it’s time to start planning for the new year. 

Deciding what to stock up on now is a big decision. Take your business through the rest of the winter by making smart stock choices. Help is at hand, follow trends in the world of confectionery. Marketing experts often publish insights, take careful note of these. The Write Taste are also worth checking out, they’ve started doing the research for you.

What’s new in 2020?

Depending on who you believe, there are some wild and wacky flavours heading our way in 2020. Experts are predicting such wonders as salted caramel Milky Ways and yoghurt coated Skittles. We’ll see, but rest assured Appleton Sweets will be bringing you everything that’s fresh and new in 2020.

Back the winning brands.

Getting well stocked in brands who are planning to expand in 2020 means you are ready if their marketing is on the button. And they are doing the marketing for your. Ferrero, for example, aren’t just famous their trays of high end chocolates. They have been reported to be investing £2.7m in pushing their goodies during the first quarter of the year. 

Also pushing new products in the lead up to Easter include Modelez (trading as Cadbury’s) who have done a deal with the Peter Rabbit film franchise as they too gear up for Easter. They are also introducing a 96 calorie mini bar as they aim to keep hold of their sugar conscious consumers.

Look out too for Barretts Sherbert Fountains appearing in new flavours including orange and strawberry.

Listen to your customers. 

The confectionery sector is set to keep on growing in 2020. Make sure you are keeping stocked with sweets which meet the ever changing needs of your customers. The consumer is more informed than ever and is able, in this digital age, to demand that their needs are met.

Everybody deserves to have the chance to enjoy what the world of sweets has to offer. We can help you look after all of your customers by offering choices to suit all tastes and dietary requirements.

Specialise in choice for all.

Here at Appletons we are glad to stock a variety of sweets overcoming all dietary restrictions. 

There has been a rise of at least 600% in veganism and vegetarianism in the last five years. You can still offer sweets to your vegan customers, as you can for those with a variety of dietary needs.

Check out our range to be ready to serve everybody in 2020.

Remember as you restock and prepare for the exciting year ahead that all Appletons Sweets orders over £500 offer free and fast delivery. Don’t get caught out after Christmas, get in touch today and let’s get you ready to hit 2020 ready to go.

Posted By Matt Appleton
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