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Sweets beginning with "E" - The most popular & delicious sweets starting with E!

11/02/2019 12:45

After all, what better way to brighten a grey January day than with your favourite sweeties?

Appleton Sweets have done our research and found that sweets beginning with “E” are a popular choice.

Whether you enjoy chocolates, fruity sweets, sugar-coated treats or traditional candy, you will find some sweeties in our range, and you’ll love the ones that begin with “E”!

If you are looking for some sweet”E” inspiration, then check out the following sweets beginning with “E” from Appleton Sweets:

Extra Strong Mints

The perfect sweet for hardcore peppermint fans, Extra Strong Mints have been around since 1935.

Made by Trebor, the brand is now part of Cadbury since it was sold to the chocolate company in 1989.

A fun fact about Extra Strong Mints is, of course, the fact that they are renowned to be enjoyed by horses! You can see all of our wholesale mints here.

The ingredients in Extra Strong Mints are fairly simple, and include: Glucose Syrup, Natural Mint Flavouring, sugar and gelatine.

Some FAQs about Extra Strong Mints are:

How many calories are in a Trebor Extra Strong Mint?

There are about 10 calories in each Extra Strong Mint. Bear in mind that when consumed in excess extra strong mints can be bad for your teeth and cause weight gain. When consumed within reason though, Extra Strong Mints could be a fairly low calorie, tasty sweet “E” option!

Who owns Trebor mints?

Nowadays, Trebor is owned by Cadbury, however, before 1989 Trebor was an independent company. Trebor was originally chaired by John Marks, who died when he was 82. Trebor was not founded by Marks himself but actually his grandfather along with four other entrepreneurs in 1907.

Are Trebor mints vegetarian? Trebor Extra Strong Mints contain Gelatine and are therefore not suitable for vegetarians.

We don’t sell Extra Strong Mints here at Appleton Sweets but we do sell Uncle Joe’s Peppermints. An ideal minty addition to your confectionary store!


While we don’t stock Extra Strong Mints, we do sell various eclairs here at Appleton Sweets. Find mint chocolate eclairs, banana split eclairs and toffee eclairs in our range. We also have sugar-free eclairs too!

There is not a lot known about the history of the éclair, however, it is renowned to have originated in France around the time of the nineteenth century.

An éclair was first called a “petite duchesse” (it was called this until 1850) and was perhaps made first for the French royalty.

The meaning of “éclair” literally means a “flash of lightning” and perhaps references the flash of delicious taste when the éclair is eaten!

Chocolate Eggs

Who doesn’t enjoy a simple, yet tasty, chocolate egg? We sell some popular choc eggs here at Appleton Sweets. The foiled chocolate flavour eggs made by Kinnerton that we sell here at Appleton Sweets are popular and great value too.

Edinburgh Rock

Edinburgh rock is traditionally Scottish and is popular with a variety of people. After all, who doesn’t love rock?

The main difference between Edinburgh Rock in comparison to conventional rock is the fact that it features sugar and cream of tartar!

Here at Appleton Sweets, we stock Gibbs Edinburgh Rock. Supplied by Golden Casket, it comes in a large sweets jar and is multi-coloured.

Find more sweets from Appleton Sweets

It’s not just sweets beginning with “E”, that we have available here at Appleton Sweets…

In fact, we’ve got various sweets available here at Appleton Sweets. Whether you are looking for jars, bags, boxes or sweets for an Event (sorry couldn’t resist!), we’ve got you covered.

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