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Take a look at our brand new sweets at Appleton Sweets, just in time for the school holidays

05/07/2016 11:33

We’ve just bought in some exciting new sweets, just in time for the school holidays!

Just because they’re new doesn’t mean they can’t be retro! Take a look!

Toxic Waste Atomic Bon Bons

new wholesale sweets

Toxic Waste Atomic Bon Bons are a new addition to the growing range of extra-sour toxic waste candy products. These sour bon bons come in a variety of flavours and are bagged. Our wholesale case contains 24 bags per box, and will be loved by children everywhere!

Candy BBQ

Get set for summer with the all-new Candy BBQ from Appleton Sweets. The Candy BBQ is a great gift idea that contains lots of sweets and marshmallows. The 300g box contains 6 yummy, gummy kebabs that make a great summer candy!

Chocolate Flavoured Footballs

Although the chocolate flavoured footballs aren’t completely new to Appleton Sweets, they are currently on offer at an all-new, cheaper price, coincidentally at the time of the Euros! At only £9.29 (excluding VAT), the Chocolate Flavoured Footballs are made by Kinnertons and are foiled wrapped round chocolate flavoured mini football pieces. They come packed in a 3kg loose bulk bag, full of tasty flavoured chocolates. Score!

Pez Finding Dory

The Pez Finding Dory sweets will make the perfect beach companion for the kids this summer. They are supplied by Bon Buddies and come in 4 different Finding Nemo characters with sweets included. What’s more, the Finding Nemo characters will make a change to Frozen characters (that we’ve all heard about, right?)!

Walkers Toffee Uno Bag

Brilliant! DIY toffee! The Walkers Toffee Uno Bag is a pre-packed bag of toffee that comes with a novelty hammer too! It makes a great gift for any toffee fan, and our selection comes in a wholesale case of 12.

Skittles America Mix

We all know and love skittles, for their rainbow colours, fruity flavours and for simply being fun! What’s more, the Skittles America Mix is a new candy that can be added to our growing range of skittles. Our wholesale case holds 24 bags of skittles USA mix. Awesome!

Looking for more wholesale sweets? Find more sweets on our website.

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