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The best-ever fudge from the best wholesale fudge makers

29/08/2017 09:48

The best fudge from the best wholesale fudge makers

Here at Appleton Sweets, we stock nothing but the best sweets and chocolates, that’s why we sell the best choice of fudge from wholesale fudge makers.

If you’re looking to buy fudge at your convenience then browse our wholesale fudge makers and their top fudge choices below.


Appleton Sweets stock various fudge choices from the fudge making brand Athole. We sell Athole Butter Handmade Tablets, Athole Vanilla Tablets and Athole Scottish Tablets, all of which, offer a natural, handmade option of wholesale fudge.


We also trade with the wholesale fudge makers, Bristows. The Bristows wrapped Vanilla Fudge are, essentially, wrapped chunks of delicious vanilla fudge that come in a great value, 3kg bag.

Candy Bros

We love Candy Bros fudge for the brand’s huge variety of fudge flavours. The confectioner offers exciting, and enticing fudge flavours including Caramel Fudge, Chocolate Fudge, Clotted Cream Fudge, Coconut Ice, Vanilla and Run ‘n’ Raisin. A great wholesale fudge maker that offers a fantastic choice of traditionally flavoured fudge, you’ll enjoy an array of classic tastes with Candy Bros fudge.

wholesale fudge makers

Candy Co

A favourite wholesale fudge company for their fabulous nougat, Candy Co sells nougat in flavours you have never heard of. From Choc Mint to Liquorice Allsort, there will be a flavour to suit all customers with Candy Co.

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels fudge always goes down a treat. And, with Appleton Sweets, you can purchase Jack Daniels fudge for an excellent price for your confectionary store.

Think luxury whisky fudge, honey fudge and tinned fudge, and there you have it- the ultimate collection of Jack Daniel’s Fudge!


When you think of Lonka, you get a complete range of fudge from Appleton Sweets. Nougat, rum and raisin fudge and fudge crunch are just a few of the choices of fudge treats from Lonka.

The Real Candy Co

The Real Candy Co is another high-end but well-priced wholesale fudge makers whose fudge we stock at Appleton Sweets. We stock three classic flavours; Vanilla Fudge, Clotted Cream and Rum and Raisin.


TFF fudge is probably our biggest range of fudge at Appleton Sweets since there are so many flavours available.

We particularly love Banoffee, Candyfloss and After 8, however, there’s even more variety than where that came from! Cookie Dough, Baileys, Cream Egg and Daim, to name just a few!

More wholesale fudge from wholesale fudge makers at Appleton Sweets

There is, of course, a wider range of fudge at Appleton Sweets that is sure to satisfy the customers.

Discover more wholesale fudge makers including Carol Anne Salt Caramel Fudge and the light-hearted Golden Casket Fudgy Wudgys within our range of wholesale fudge.

With the range of fantastic fudge from various wholesale fudge makers at Appleton Sweets, confectioners can please a variety of customers at a price they’re proud of. 

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