The best sweets for a summer wedding

29/06/2016 17:22

Wedding sweets are making an increasingly popular appearance at the moment with happy couples choosing to use them as favours, on sweet carts, on tables and more. What’s more, sweets work well as part of an evening buffet, featured on a themed sweet cart or used as table decoration.

summer wedding sweets

Therefore, this week, at Appleton Sweets, we’ve listed some of our best sweets for a summer wedding.

Swizzels Love Heart Squashies 

The Swizzels Love Hearts Squashies are foam sweets (foam versions of the traditional love heart sweets!) that are supplied by Swizzels Matlow. They are packed in a wholesale case that contains 12 units and are price marked one pound.

Tilleys Clove Balls

Clove Balls are boiled sweets made by Tilleys. They are, quite simply, round shape balls that come in a red and white unwrapped clove ball. The clove balls have a very strong clove taste and come in a bulk bag of 3kg.

Swizzels Love Hearts 

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than getting married, as well as Swizzels Love Hearts, of course! These Mini Love Heart Rolls are popular sweets from Swizzels Matlow. What’s more, they are price marked 10p and come in a wholesale box that contains 60 mini love heart rolls. They make the perfect party candies for a wedding, whether they’re placed on the table in the flower bouquets or on a sweet cart.

After Dinner Mints

The perfect sweet following the wedding breakfast, an After Dinner Mint will always be well-received. Supplied by Golden Casket, After Dinner Mints from Appleton Sweets come packed in a 2kg bag. They are a lovely tasty mint flavour sweet on the inside, with a white shell covering on the outside.

Chocolate Flavour Foiled Eggs

Chocolate eggs are definitely not just for Easter! They make the perfect addition to a wedding and will be loved by kids and adults alike.

Supplied by Kinnerton, the Chocolate Flavour Foiled Eggs from Appleton Sweets are packed loose in a 3kg bulk bag. They are a wrapped delicious chocolate-flavoured mini egg that will add to the aesthetics of your wedding theme.

Haribo Heart Throbs

Add a little cliché to your day with the Haribo Heart Throbs! The Haribo Heart Throbs are made and supplied by Haribo, and are a popular retro sweet from the past. They are, basically, pink and white heart shapes made from soft foam jelly, that come packed in a loose bulk bag. They weigh 3kg and have a tasty fruity flavour.

Sweet Ideas for your wedding

  • Sweet cart
  • Sweet bouquets
  • Sweet table decorations
  • Sweets as prizes (for children- dancing etc.)
  • Pick’n’mix
  • Late night sweeties

Are you looking for more sweets from Appleton Sweets?

Sweets can make a fantastic addition to a number of occasions, especially weddings! If you would like to find out more at including sweets at your wedding then, contact us at Appleton Sweets and we’d be happy to help! 

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