The perfect gifts for chocoholics

20/07/2016 06:39

It is not just sweets that we sell at Appleton Sweets after all, in fact, we settle the hunger pangs of chocoholics too! Whether you are looking for a gift for a total choccie addict, or someone who likes a chocolate treat now and again, we’ve got the perfect wholesale chocolate gift boxes from Beech's that will make the perfect gift for chocolate lovers!

wholesale chocolate gifts

Beechs Choc Orange Creams

If they’re a fan of the chocolate and orange combination, then they’ll love the Beech's Choc Orange Creams!

A delicious creamy fondant coated with dark chocolate and flavoured with orange, there is certainly no mistake when we call these luxury chocolates!

Beech's Choc Turkish Delight

You’ll probably already know if they’re a fan of Turkish delight, and if they are, you’ll make no mistake when you give them the Beech's Choc Turkish Delight gift box.

A delicious Turkish delight with a chocolate coating, the gift box is made by Beech's in the UK and supplied in a wholesale case with 6 selling units from Appleton Sweets.

Beech's Continental Chocolates

A chocolate gift box with a continental touch, the Beech's Continental Chocolates have a very bright coloured box and are extremely tasty too!

Beech's Dark Choc Brazils

Beechs dark chocolate brazils are specialist chocolates in a square box. Why not give them a try?

Beech's Dark Choc Coffee Creams

The perfect gift for a caffeine-addict and chocolate fan, the Beech's Dark Choc Coffee Creams have a dark chocolate coating around a coffee-flavoured fondant centre.

Beech's Dark Chocolate Ginger

A true classic, the Beechs Dark Chocolate Ginger are supplied by Beech's are packed 6 count and each box contains 200g of luxury fine chocolates. They are, ultimately, a dark chocolate with a tasty ginger stem flavoured centre. What’s more, they come in a square design box and taste absolutely delicious!

Beech's Dark Chocolate Lemon Creams

Lovely and lemony, the Beech's Dark Lemon Creams come in boxes of 12 count and are fine chocolates, popular for their zesty lemon taste. They are basically a fresh lemon flavoured fondant centre coated in a luxurious dark chocolate.

Looking for more gift boxes for a total chocoholic?

We’ve got more gift boxes that will satisfy the tastebuds of chocoholics everywhere. Simply take a look at our website.

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