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The Pick n’ Mix!

11/12/2019 07:12

‘Pick n Mix’ are words that conjure up a colourful and tasty vision of hundreds of types of sweets in beautifully labelled clear jars or laid out along the self service aisle and with eyes glazing over with the wonder of them, a scoop in one hand,  paper bag in the other - oh, the predicament of what to choose?


It may be that you are choosing a gift of sweets for someone, especially during the festive season or you may be choosing celebration sweets for a themed party or a wedding, sweets for the cinema or theatre, a treat to round off a special meal or simply for your own sweet indulgence! 



Trends for confectionery change and evolve over the years and the pick n’ mix selections are a perfect choice for all as they offer both trendy new flavours as well as all the traditional favourites.


Old mouth-watering and fragrant favourites such as Barnetts Orange Crystals and Cola Chunks, Gibbs Cinnamon Balls, Lemonade Crystals, Squirrel Floral Gums can conjure up images of us eagerly looking up at the sweet counter or glancing over those ready - made bags of sweets at a local fayre waiting for you to hand your pennies over! 

Celebrations and parties these days often have a well stocked old fashioned sweet cart piled high with a selection of sweets that can be colour matched to the theme of the celebration - especially at weddings! Of course, wedding celebrations are traditionally known for having those gorgeous sweet wedding favours for the guest to take away. And with options of colour matched confectionary in a blue, purple, pink, white or yellow sweets theme, the pick of the mixed sweets that are perfect for the occasion such as Haribo Heart Throbs, Jake Red Jelly Hearts, Look O Look Candy Flowers, Swizzels Love Hearts and the absolutely essential Sugared Almond.



And of course there’s the ‘party bag’ that all the children want to take home - containing new sweet surprises like the ‘Rose Exploding Rocket Spray’,  JTS mini jelly bean machine, DC super hero lucky bags as well as the old favourites like the tantalisingly tasty Bristows Fruit Chews and Swizzels Refreshers Chews.

For those of us now taking more considered decisions about what we can or want to include in our dietary choices, the pick n’ mix selection has grown to include sweets that can give much more choice to customers by offering vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and sugar free options such as Barnetts sugar free Rhubarb and Custard and sarsaparilla tablets or Dulce Plus gluten free blue twist Kisses and Peach Hearts or Swizzels vegetarian crystal fruits.


The pick n’ mix choice has a sweet for all seasons from the warming spicy winter mixtures, to the summer fruity flavoured boiled and chewy sweets and to suit all tastes and diets. Perfect! 

Posted By Matt Appleton
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