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Tips of the trade: 10 Wholesale Sweets that are no trade secret

03/05/2016 12:53

As you know, here at Appleton Sweets, we are no strangers to trade wholesale sweets. In fact, we’re experts!

Not only have we been established since 1945, we are one of the UK’s leading wholesale confectionary cash and carries!

So, although our sweets are no trade secret (everyone knows and loves our trade sweets and bulk chocolates!), here are ten wholesale sweets that are always a ‘Pick n mix’ hit:

1.Barratt Bumper Bananas 

Made by Tangerine, the Bumper Bananas are big foam yellow bananas that are one of tangerines most popular products. 

The kids love them!

Featuring a great tasting banana flavour, these wholesale sweets come packed in a loose bulk bag that weighs 2kg, and are a great fantastic retro sweet that is an all-time favourite.

2.Barratt Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles 

Barratt Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles are supplied by Tangerine and come pack in a 3kg bulk bag. They are a sour fizzy cherry cola taste cola bottle in a shape of a bottle.

3.Crawfords Traffic Light Pops

Traffic Light Pops are made by Crawfords. They are a hard-boiled sweet on a stick that come in multi-coloured traffic light colours.

They come in a 3.17kg bulk bag. 

4.Haribo Milk Bottles 

Milk Bottles are yet another popular product that is manufactured by Haribo. They come in the shape of a milk bottle and have a very milky taste.

Packed in a loose bulk bag that weighs 3kg, wholesale milk bottles are loved by many!

5.Haribo Jelly Beans

Haribo Jelly Beans are a popular retro sweet from the past and are fruit-flavoured, multi-coloured jelly bean shaped sweets that come in a loose bulk bag, weighing 3kg.

Colourful and fabulous, Haribo Jelly Beans are loved my many.  

6.Lutti Fruit Bon Bons

Fruit Bonbons are made by Lutti. They are individually wrapped, soft-centred, fruit-flavoured boiled sweets that come packed in a 3kg Bulk Bag.

7.Swizzels Refresher Chews

Swizzels Refreshers are supplied by Swizzels Matlow. They are packed in a 3kg bulk bag that are a wrapped tasty chew with a fruity flavour and sherbet centre. 

8.Tilleys U/Q Kola Cubes

The cola flavoured square shape sweets are unwrapped Kola Cubes. They are a great retro sweet! 

They come in a bulk bag of 3kg.

9.Victoria Spearmint Chews

Let’s get chewing! The Victoria Spearmint Chews are a really chewy spearmint flavoured chewy toffee that come packed in a 3kg bulk bag and weigh approximately 3kg.

They have a great spearmint taste for all those mint lovers!

10. Walkers Milk Chocolate Eclairs

Walkers Milk Chocolate Eclair's are made by Walkers Nonsuch. These individually twist wrapped milk eclairs are just one of many in the walkers range. What’s more, they are packed in 2.5kg loose bulk bag.

Want to take a look at more wholesale sweets?

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