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Our Top 10 Halloween Sweet Treats

03/10/2019 13:52

Halloween, that wonderful time of year when we all, big kids and small, get to gorge on sweets without any associated guilt.

Of course, Halloween wasn’t always about trick or treating and stocking piling sweet treats, but this wonderful American tradition has quickly become absorbed into British culture, so much so that it may as well have been here all along.

A brief history of Halloween

So this might blow your mind, but Halloween wasn’t a holiday invented by the Americans. Halloween actually originated here in the UK first. It was a pagan ritual derived from the Celtic festival of Samhain. Samhain was celebrated at the end of the harvest season and the Celts believed that at this time of the year there was only a thin wall dividing this world from the next, and that because of this thin wall, evil spirits could hop realms and run amok among the fields wreaking havoc and destroying crops. 

So, in order to prevent any would be mischief making spirits getting up to no good, the Celts would lay on food and drink to encourage the good spirits to visit, but light bonfires to ward off any evil spirits. 

But the church, who were keen to stamp out any remnants of Celtic history whilst maintaining the festivals they liked the sound of, declared that 1st November would be known as All Hallows and the living must pray for the souls of those individuals who didn’t make it to heaven. Thereby creating All Hallows Eve on 31st October.

The custom of trick or treating (first recorded in America in the 1920s) wasn’t invented by the American candy companies at all. It was in fact born out of the Medieval practice of ‘guising’ (which is what trick or treating is also known as in the UK). Guising saw poor people dress up in costumes and sing or perform tricks to entertain passersby in exchange for food or money. 

Guising became synonymous with Halloween in the 16th century and has grown in popularity ever since, becoming the yearly tradition that kids and adults alike love to participate in. 

Our top 10 Halloween sweet treats

There are so many different sweet treats that are popular at this time of year, so whether you opt to dish out a fun size chocolate bar or a jelly eyeball, we have all manner of Halloween sweets that might pique your interest. 

  1. Jelly eyeballs Jelly eyeballs are a delicious gummy sweet that look like eyeballs! A halloween favourite in a wholesale 3kg bag.

  2. Gummy bat This strawberry flavour giant gummy bat weighs 500g and makes a great gift for anyone, especially at Halloween.

  3. Gummy spider This blackcurrant flavour giant gummy spider weighs 500g and makes a great gift for anyone, especially at Halloween.

  4. Foil pumpkins These chocolate flavour foil wrapped pumpkins will be a super cute addition to any trick or treat basket.

  5. Milk teeth if you’re giving out body parts, why not give out gummy teeth?

  6. Jelly bones Dulce plus jelly bones are packed in 1kg bags. These individually coloured red and white sweets in the shape of a bone are a tasty fruit flavour.

  7. Brain Licker Brain Lickers are made by Hannahs. These fruit flavoured liquid candies come in a fun roller case and have a tasty cola flavour.

  8. Chocolate skulls These pink and white chocolate skulls are made by Hannah's and are great fun for the kids.They come packed loose in a box that weighs 3kg.

  9. Yellow belly snakes These jelly snakes by Haribo are a popular fruit flavoured giant jelly snake sweet that come packed in a loose bulk bag that weighs 3kg.

  10. Fizzy dracula teeth Kingsway Fizzy Dracula Teeth are shaped like dracula's fangs and come in a tasty fizzy fruit flavour. They are available packed loose in a 3kg bulk bag. 

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