The Top Ten Old-Fashioned Sweets to sell in time for Christmas

28/11/2016 15:03
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No matter what their age, everyone loves a good, old fashioned choice of sweets, particularly when we’re feeling traditional and festive around Christmas time.

Here’s what we think, here at Appleton Sweets, are the top ten old fashioned sweets to sell in time for Christmas:

Sherbet Lemons

Sherbet lemons provide the perfect combination of sweet and sour, citrus and sugar, all in one! Their lemon flavour is refreshing, while the sherbet provides that sugar-hit everyone looks for in a sweetie!

Cola Cubes

Cola cubes are another traditional favourite and make for an excellent treat in the build-up to Christmas. They provide the ultimate change from mince pies, Christmas pudding, gingerbread men and all the other Christmas time goodies.

Mint Imperials

Mint imperials are among the most popular mint sweets around and definitely won’t go amiss this Christmas time.


Buttery and tasty, butterscotch is a tasty treat that makes a fantastic Christmas gift, as well as the perfect addition to your pick ‘n’ mix bag.

Winter Mixture

Winter Mixture is, undoubtedly, a popular old-fashioned and traditional winter time sweet. At Appleton Sweets, we stock Winter Mixture from Tilleys.

Pear Drops

Pear Drops are another traditional favourite that make an excellent stocking filler or addition to your Christmas gifts. Pear Drops are loved by dads, grandads, grandmas, aunties and other family members everywhere!

Spearmint Chews

We all remember the Pick ‘n’ Mix bags from our childhood days, combining a range of different sweeties. Old-fashioned but tasty, spearmint chews will offer a blast from the past this year.

Bon Bons

Although they are famous for their French inspiration, Bon Bons are a fantastically old-fashioned sweet that please a range of different people for their variety of flavours and colours. At Appleton Sweets, we stock a selection of Bristows Bon Bons, ranging from apple flavour to blackcurrant, bubble-gum and more.

Chocolate Coins

We can’t possibly mention both Christmas and old-fashioned sweets, without mentioning Chocolate coins.

A favourite every year with adults and children alike, chocolate coins can be used in stockings, in Christmas gifts, as decorations on Christmas trees and more!

Turkish Delight

Love it or hate it, Turkish Delight is an old-fashioned sweet we cannot shy away from at Christmas time.

Whether you have Turkish Delight as a Christmas Eve treat or as an extra on your Christmas table, it is a hugely popular choice of sweet that is old-fashioned and fabulous!

More old-fashioned sweets from Appleton Sweets

We’re proud of our selection of old-fashioned sweets here at Appleton Sweets that offer excellent value to our confectioners.

What’s more, your customers will be impressed by your choice of old-fashioned sweets, particularly as we get closer to Christmas and the festive season!

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