Our Top 10 pick of ‘Pick n Mix’ Sweets for 2016

04/01/2016 14:30

Our Top 10 pick of ‘Pick n Mix’ Sweets for 2016

Happy New Year from us all here at Appleton Sweets! We hope you had a lovely Christmas and a brilliant start to the New Year! 

We know that January can tend to be a bit of a dull month, and sometimes leaves us feeling a bit under the weather. So, we thought we’d mix it up a bit and share our top 10 pick of ‘Pick n Mix’ sweets for 2016. 

1. Tilley’s Paradise Fruits

Add a little bit of paradise to your ‘Pick n Mix’ selection with Tilley’s Paradise Fruits. Small, wrapped and perfectly fruity, Tilley’s Paradise Fruits will be a particular favourite for adults and older children alike.

2. Kingsway Foam Strawberries

Red in colour with a strong strawberry flavour, Kingsway Foam Strawberries make for the ultimate yummy addition to any ‘Pick n Mix’ basket. 

3. Thornes’ Sugar Free Rum and Butter Toffees

Chewy and fantastic! Thornes’ Sugar Free Rum and Butter Toffees are a must-have for your ‘Pick n Mix’ selection 2016.  

4. Kingsway Giant Dolphins 

A favourite for children, the Kingsway Giant Dolphins are giant dolphin-shaped sweeties that will go down swimmingly in 2016. 

5. Vidal Strawberry Fizzy Pencils 

Add a bit of fizz and sparkle to January 2016 with the Vidal Strawberry Fizzy Pencils! A popular ‘Pick n Mix’ candy with a sugar coating, the strawberry fizzy pencils certainly pack a punch!

6. Vidal Peach Hearts

The Vidal Peach Hearts will have you looking forward to your holidays and foreign getaways this year. Deliciously soft, gummy sweets that are made in Spain by Vidal, the yummy Peach Hearts contain a refreshing peach flavouring to brighten up your ‘Pick n Mix’ bag.

7. Frisia Flying Saucers

Add a bit of out-of-this-world explosion to your choice of ‘Pick n Mix’ with the Frisia Flying Saucers. Popular, retro and full-of-sherbet, no ‘Pick n Mix’ would be the same without a flying saucer or two! 

8. Kingsway Tutti Frutti

Add a classic Tutti Frutti to your ‘Pick n Mix’ selection with the Kingsway Tutti Frutti.  Super-fruity and super-appetising, the Kingsway Tutti Frutti sweets are shaped like different, exotic fruits and taste like them too! 

9. Kingsway Dracula Teeth

Fruity fangs! The Kingsway Dracula Teeth are such fun for children and make a particularly cool addition to ‘Pick n Mix’ party bags. 

10. Kingsway Meerkats

Mint in flavour and an absolute innovation, the Kingsway Meerkats will liven up any ‘Pick n Mix’ selection.

Want to mix it up a little bit more? Take a look at more of our ‘Pick n Mix’ choices on our website: http://www.appletonsweets.co.uk/bulk-bags.html

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