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Our top 10 summers sweets for a party

16/08/2016 11:52

It’s August, it’s summer time, and there really is no pleasant a time of year to host a party in your garden. Everyone loves a barbecue, a social gathering, a picnic on the lawn or simply a dinner party al fresco.

What’s more, here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve got the perfect sweeties you can throw in the mix for a summer party, to make the evening a little bit sweeter!

Take a look at our top 10 sweets for a summer party:

rhubarb custard sweets

Barretts Fizzy Cola Bottles

Cool, fizzy and refreshing, the Barretts Fizzy Cola Bottles are a favourite sweet for many. A sour fizzy cola tasting sweet, in the shape of a bottle, these sweets are simple yet popular and perfect for a summer bash.

Haribo Fried Eggs

Perhaps one to add into a summer barbecue (not quite literally on the barbecue, of course!), Haribo Fried Eggs are legendary sweets. They are, ultimately, a soft foam jelly sweet with a fruit-flavoured fried egg shape, and are utterly delicious!

Haribo Jelly Babies

Jelly babies always go down a treat and the Haribo Jelly Babies are no exception. You definitely don’t want to miss out on these jelly sweets for your summer party!

Jelly Belly Lollibean Lollies

Perhaps a bit of a talking point, other than the Prosecco of course, the Lollibean lollies are popular USA candy pops from Jelly Belly. These lollipops come in a variety of fruit flavourings and are much larger than normal lollies.

Liquorice Cream Rock

A great treat for any liquorice fan! Liquorice Cream Rock is a popular liquorice sweet that has a liquorice outer and a creamy rock middle.

Vidal Strawberry Fizzy Pencils

Many people adore strawberry flavoured sweets and the strawberry fizzy pencils are certainly no exception! A popular pick n mix candy that has a sugar coating, the Vidal Strawberry Fizzy Pencils pack a strong strawberry flavouring, as well as a sugar topping, and will make your summer party come alive!

Appletons Blue Tongue Painter Cables

Instead of painting the town read, paint tongues blue in your own backyard! The Appletons Tongue Painter Cables are blueberry flavoured long candy cables that change the colour of your tongue when eaten!

Dulce Plus Jelly Hot Peppers

Dulce plus jelly hot peppers are individual red and green sweets that come in a shape of a red hot pepper. They’ll be a great addition to the sweet buffet table, for sure!

Fini Vanilla Golf Balls

Fini vanilla golf balls are made by Fini. They are a white coloured marshmallow with a lovely tasty vanilla flavour and are a popular kids line.

And last but not least…

Haribo Mini Mallows Pink and White

Sprinkle them on a hot chocolate when the evening draws in, use them as kids’ prizes or simply pop them on the table for all to enjoy, the Haribo Mini Mallows are tiny marshmallows that are truly scrumptious, particularly for a summer party!

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