Top 10 Sweets for Valentine’s Day

16/01/2017 07:05

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As we get closer to Valentine’s Day 2017, we’re getting more excited about sharing our fabulous range of Valentine’s day sweets that are perfect for your confectionary store this February.

Take a look at the following Top 10 Sweets for Valentine’s day.

Barratt Pink and White Hearts

New to Appleton Sweets, especially in time for Valentine’s day, the Barratt Pink and White Hearts are made by Tangerine and are also called jelly love hearts.

Their lovely heart shape makes them perfect for Valentine’s day and, what’s more, they offer excellent value for money for your store. A 3kg bulk bag costs £6.99 (ex. VAT) and £8.39 (inc. VAT).

Dulce Plus Peach Hearts

Another heart shaped sweetie, perfect for your Valentine, the Dulce Plus Peach hearts come packed in a 1kg bulk bag. They are a red and peach coloured heart-shaped sweetie that have a tasty peach flavour and are covered in a sugar coating.

Fun Kandy Sweetheart Lollies

A sweet Valentine’s day treat, the Fun Kandy Sweetheart Lollies are supplied by Candy Brothers. The lollies are made from great tasting, hard and chewy rock, and come in a heart shape. One order consists of 40 lollies, which cost £13.99 (ex. VAT) an £16.79 (inc. VAT). The lollies are a premium product that will brighten your sweet store this Valentine’s day!

Haribo Blue Heart Throbs and Haribo Heart Throbs

The Haribo Blue Heart Throbs and Haribo Heart Throbs are an excellent sweet for Valentine’s day and are currently on offer here at Appleton Sweets. These blue and red heart shaped soft foam jelly heart sweets come packed in a loose bulk bag that weighs 3kg. What’s more, at their current special price, a bag of Haribo heart throbs (either blue or red!) costs only £7.29 (ex. VAT) and £8.75 (inc. VAT). Bargain!

Milk Choc Valentine’s Hearts

Set to be a bestseller for Valentine’s day, the Milk Choc Valentine’s Hearts make a brilliant Valentine’s day gift. The Milk Choc Valentine’s Hearts from Appleton Sweets come in nets that contain a selection of red wrapped foiled hearts. We sell a wholesale case of 24 nets that weigh 100g each for £15.29 (ex. VAT) and £18.35 (inc. VAT).

Swizzels Love Hearts

Great fun for all the family this Valentine’s day, Swizzels Love Hearts are supplied by Swizzels Matlow. They are smaller packs that the normal Swizzels Love Hearts and have about 6 sweets wrapped per pack.

Each sweet has a different saying, "I Love You & You are cute etc.". Ah! Perfect for the day of romance!

Swizzels Love Heart Dips

Swizzels Love Heart Dips often fly off the shelves around Valentine’s day. They are basically assorted flavoured sherbet with a hard candy, love heart inspired lolly. They come in three different flavours: Orange sparkle, tangy raspberry and zingy lemon.

Swizzels Love Heart Lipsticks

A perfect Valentine’s day pick n mix sweet for little girls, the Swizzels Love Heart Lipsticks are an old time favourite sweetie, that basically consists of hard candy encased in a little plastic case that looks like a lipstick. What’s more, they contain no artificial colours.

Vidal Peach Hearts

Vidal Peach Hearts are tasty, soft jelly candy sweets that come in a lovely peachy flavour in the shape of a heart. What’s more, they offer excellent value for confectioners, costing only £2.99 (ex. VAT) and £3.59 (inc. VAT) for 120 count.

Swizzels Love Hearts Squashies

Foam sweets supplied by Swizzels Matlow, Swizzels Love Hearts Squashies are packed in a wholesale case that contain 12 units and are price marked one pound. The perfect addition to a Valentine’s day trip to the cinema.

More Valentine’s day sweets from Appleton Sweets

We’ve got more Valentine’s day sweets here at Appleton Sweets. Why not take a look?

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