Top 10 Wholesale Bulk Chocolates for children’s parties
11/10/2017 06:03

Top 10 Wholesale Bulk Chocolates for children’s parties

What better place for sweets and chocolates than a child’s party? After all, kids love sweets and chocolates, and why shouldn’t they enjoy a treat every now and again?

Whether you’re looking for wholesale bulk chocolates to fill party bags, be a competition prize or other, you’ll find great value, tasty wholesale bulk chocolates from Appleton Sweets.

Browse our top 10 wholesale bulk chocolates for children’s parties below:

Aero Milk Bubbly

The Aero Milk Bubbly chocolate bar is perfect for a children’s party and will put the extra bubbles into a youngster’s birthday. The mint flavour is another option if you think your group of children might enjoy a minty taste!

Cadbury Caramel Freddo

You can’t get anything more hopping for a party than the Cadbury Caramel Freddo! Loved for their frog shape and caramel centre, the Cadbury Caramel Freddo is a top choice for a child’s party.

Cadbury Chomp PM Count

Another Cadbury chocolate bar with a caramel centre, the Cadbury Chomp is a popular chocolate bar choice for many. What’s more, the kids love them!

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Carol Anne Milk Chocolate Cranberries

The perfect combination of fruit and chocolate, the Carol Anne Milk Chocolate Cranberries are ideal for a party! The perfect combination of fruity and chocolatey tastes, the Carol Anne Milk Chocolate Cranberries are a luxury party treat.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons

Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons offer the perfect taste of chocolate, without being too rich for young tastes.

The Cadbury Buttons from Appleton Sweets are great value and come in a box of 60 bags that costs £12.99 (excluding VAT) and £15.59 (including VAT).

Carol Anne Milk Chocolate Honeycomb

Another popular Carol Anne chocolate choice, the Carol Anne Milk Chocolate honeycomb is a luxury chocolate with a great taste.

Chocolate Flavour Sports Balls

The Chocolate Flavour Sports Balls by Kinnertons are ideal for a child’s party and will make the perfect wholesale chocolate choice for a sports-themed event! Plain chocolate balls covered in football patterned silver foil, the Chocolate Flavour Sports Balls are loved for their chocolaty taste and great look!


All kids love a Crunchie and this chocolate bar will make the perfect choice treat for a children’s party!

Hannahs White Jazzels

All children’s parties should feature Jazzels! What’s more, they make a great option of white chocolate (that all kids love!). What’s more, the colourful sprinkles make them even more suitable for a kid’s party.

Kinder Surprise

A classic child’s treat and perfect for a party, the Kinder Surprise is another of our top 10 wholesale bulk chocolate that can be ordered for children’s parties!

More wholesale bulk chocolate for children’s parties from Appleton Sweets

Browse more wholesale bulk chocolate for children’s parties from Appleton Sweets.

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