Top 15 sweet treats starting with D

22/05/2017 14:25

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Top 15 sweet treats starting with D

We’re not far away from Father’s Day when we celebrate just how fantastic Dads are, and treat them with gifts they’ll appreciate and cards that outline how much they mean to us. And, in celebration of Dad’s special day, we’ve put together a list of sweet treats starting with D that might just provide you with some inspiration for you Father’s Day gifts this June.

Take a look at the following sweet treats starting with D from Appleton Sweets:

1.       Barratt Dew Drops

One of the great things about Barratt Dew Drops is the fact that they are made from only natural colours and flavour. Made by Tangerine, Barratt Dew Drops are small pieces of hard jelly drops sweets that are covered in sugar, they come in an assortment of colours and are always a favourite with children.

2.       Kingsway Dracula Teeth

Available in both fizzy and regular fruity flavour, the Kingsway Dracula Teeth are supplied by ICA and are fantastic and fun sweets shaped like Dracula Teeth. The perfect sweet treat beginning with D to haunt your dad this Father’s Day!

3.       Kingsway Giant Dolphins

The dolphin-shaped, fruit-flavoured Kingsway Giant Dolphins are a popular sweet amongst a range of people. Blue in colour and refreshing, the Kingsway Giant Dolphins will definitely not disappoint!

4.       Kingsway Jelly Dentures

The Kingsway Jelly Dentures are great fun and are, essentially, fruit-flavoured gummy dentures, shaped like teeth. A soft foam jelly sweet with a tasty fruit flavour, the Kingsway Jelly Dentures are supplied by ICA and a fun gift for Father’s Day!

5.       Kingsway Sour Dummies

Super sour and super colourful, the Kingsway Sour Dummies are another sweet supplied by ICA and come in an assortment of colours. They’re covered in sugar and are simply awesome!

6.       Vidal Blue Raspberry Dolphins

Another dolphin-shaped sweet that always goes down well, the Vidal Blue Raspberry Dolphins are large blue and white tasty raspberry flavoured soft, chewy foam jelly sweets that are supplied by Vidal.

7.       Swizzels Double Lollies

Swizzels Double Lollies are supplied by Swizzels Matlow and are another sweet treat beginning with D that may be worth opting for this Father’s Day.

A tasty, fruit-flavoured lollipop that is bound to go down a treat, the Double Lollies contain no artificial colours and are suitable for vegetarians.

8.       Swizzels Drumstick Lollipops

Wrapped raspberry and vanilla flavoured chewy lolly pops, made by Swizzels Matlow, the Swizzels Drumstick Lollipops are a great retro sweet!

9.       Barratt Dip Dabs

Another retro classic, the Barratt Dip Dabs come packed in a box of 50 count from Appleton Sweets and essentially contain a sherbet dip dab with a tasty strawberry-flavoured lolly.

10.   Barratt Fizzy Dummies

More dummies! The Barratt Fizzy Dummies are popular with adults and children alike. Supplied by Tangerine, the Barratt Fizzy Dummies are jelly-shaped dummies that have a fizzy, sugar covering on them and arrive in an assortment of colours with a tasty fruit flavour.

11.   Barratt Dolly Mixture

A fantastic retro sweet that pleases even those who aren’t too keen on sweets! Barratt Dolly Mixture is a retro sweet that brings back good memories for all!

A traditional, old retro sweet that contains a mixture of jellies and fondants, the Barratt Dolly Mixture comes packed in a bulk bag that weighs 3kg.

12.   Swizzels Rainbow Drops

Supplied by Swizzels Matlow, the assorted multi rainbow drops are, essentially, coloured puffed rice that make small and tasty crunchy sweets in sealed plastic bag. They contain no artificial colours and are suitable for vegetarians.

13.   Swizzels Rainbow Dust

Swizzels Rainbow Dust is made by Swizzel Matlow and comes packed in a box of a count of 240, it is a type of candy powder with no artificial colours. It is also suitable for vegetarians!

14.   Carol Anne Dark Chocolate Cranberries

An indulgent treat for Dads this Father’s Day, the Carol Anne Dark Chocolate Cranberries come packed in a 3kg wholesale loose bulk bag and are a tasty treat that is ultimately dark chocolate coating with a cranberry centre inside. Delicious!

15.   Carol Anne Dark Choc Honeycomb

Another indulgent dark chocolate treat, the Carol Anne Dark Choc Honeycomb is similar to the chocolate cranberries in that it features a dark chocolate coating, except that its honeycomb inside. Yum!

More sweet treats beginning with D from Appleton Sweets

Can you find any more sweet treats beginning with D in our huge selection of sweets and chocolates at Appleton Sweets? You may find another surprise for your Dad this Father’s Day! 

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