Top 5 sweets for Halloween

30/09/2016 08:20

top 5 halloween sweets

Yes, that time of the year is coming round fast and quick. It’s time to stock up on some of the best wholesale Halloween sweets out there in order to wow the tastebuds of family, friends and trick or treaters. We’re more about the treats than the tricks this Halloween, with such a huge variety of deliciously spooky sweets that will tickle the tastebuds of the nation. From parties to simple home recipes, there is so much you can do in the run up to Halloween and we’re super excited to announce our favourite sweets for this years celebration.


An all-time favourite over Halloween, these little teeth are a classic, fun sweet. Everyone loves their taste and gummy foam texture, not to mention the bundle of fun that they provide. Friends and family will love messing around and taking hilarious selfies with these sweet little teeth and they will be the first sweet trick or treaters will grab in a tub full of goodies. Buy wholesale sweets from us to get the best price for such popular sweets like little teeth, you can’t go wrong.


These tasty wiggly gummy worms are perfect for trick or treaters to get their hands on. The worm shaped halal sweets are full of fruity flavour and colour. Everyone loves the gooey texture of creepy sweets during the Halloween period and we think that these creepy crawlies are what make this year that bit yummier. 


You had better get in quick as these fruity Halloween favourites sell fast. A bulk bag of 3kg provides hundreds of Dracula Teeth to enjoy with the whole family or as a Halloween party addition. The Dracula Teeth come in bags of fizzy and original with something for all taste buds. You can have so much fun messing around with these fang-like teeth. You can try and use them as part of your costume but they won’t last long near your mouth. 

FINI ZOMBIE CANDY GUM zombie candy gum

One of our most popular sweets for Halloween, zombie candy gum is gruesomely delicious.  The spookiest sweet of 2016, kids will love the gory looking, delicious tasting gum, there’s no doubt about it. You had better be quick to stock up as everyone seems to be mad on these separate little packets of gum.


Brand new in stock, the alien foamy spray is new discovery in the world of sweets. The spray comes in 3 tasty flavours and will be extremely popular over the Halloween period and long after. We all know how much children love weird and wonderful sweets and this foamy spray will not disappoint. The endless fun with friends and family will make Halloween a whole lot more exciting.alien foamy candy spray  

These are only 5 tongue tingling sweets that you can purchase for Halloween. For more tasty treats to discover and try out, take a look at our website where you can buy wholesale sweets and chocolate at fantastic prices for the spookiest time of the year.

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