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Top 5 Vegetarian Sweets for Vegetarian Day

01/10/2016 10:20

To celebrate World Vegetarian Day, we’ve got a variety of high quality sweets suitable for all those veggies out there. World Vegetarian Day was established to promote the vegetarian way of life and educate people on the health benefits of eliminating meat from their diets. As part of our diet range, we’re here to celebrate the decision to eliminate meat and animal products from your diet. That’s why we’re happy to announce that we have an extensive range of vegetarian products to choose from, with over 130 sweets. 

Our top 5 all-time favourite veggie sweets include: 

Barnett’s Sugar Free Pear Drops 

The classic pear drops are handmade hard boiled sweets shaped like a pear. The sweets are handcrafted and copper pan cooked for that fuller, fruity flavour. Not only are pear drops bursting with flavour, they are also sugar free and highly suitable for vegetarians. 

Frisia Flying Saucers 

Everyone’s favourite, flying saucers are small UFO shaped rice paper sweets which have become one of the most popular retro sweets available. They are suitable for vegetarians and are a fantastic pick n mix addition. Flying saucers are sure to get your taste buds and tongue tingling with sherbet filling and a light texture.

Sherbet Lemon Lollipops

These lollipops are filled with a tantalising sherbet lemon flavour and are bright yellow in colour. The tasty hard boiled sweets are suitable for veggies and are full of long lasting flavour. If you’re a tangy lemon lover, these lollies are for you. 

Hannahs White Jazzles

A favourite of ours, white Jazzles are in fact highly suitable for vegetarians and are gelatine free. Hooray! With their white, milky flavour and appetising sprinkles, Jazzles are just one of many in a large range of vegetarian suitable Hannah products. 

Honeycombed Peanuts

These delicious Honeycombed Peanut sweets come delicately wrapped where you’ll open up to discover a honeycomb covered peanut delight. At an amazing price and completely suitable for vegetarians, these sweets are a strong contender. 

With such a huge choice of delicious vegetarian sweets, we found it difficult to narrow down our top favourites. Whether you’re celebrating World Vegetarian Day at home with family or are having a party with friends, vegetarian sweets are the perfect addition. You can nibble on them at home in front of the TV or create a retro candy buffet for a party as they are becoming more and more popular. The possibilities are endless now that you know the selection of veggie sweets available. There are no downsides to being Vegetarian in our eyes.

Posted By Matt Appleton
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