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Top pick of sweets for June: Our best-selling wholesale sweets for next month

24/05/2016 11:02

We’re now at the end of May and heading towards the height of summer- a great time of year for selling summer sweets!

Sweets are loved by children playing in the park after school on sunny summer days, teenagers heading to the cinema (and adults too, of course!), and are also a top choice for summer weddings and garden parties.

And, this June, here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve got a range of best-sellers that are sure to reel-in-the-punters. Take a look at our top pick of sweets for June!

Rock Candy

Trending on our website at the moment, Rock Candy is the ultimate choice for June wholesale sweets. Whether you opt for the Candy Rock Bacon Egg Sausage Rock Breakfast Plate, Bubblegum Rock Sticks or Cookie Dough Rock Sticks, you’re onto a winner with our top-selling rock candy from Appleton Sweets

If you’re wondering, the Candy Rock Bacon Egg Sausage Rock Breakfast Plate is a wonderful creation by John Bull and consists of a rock sausage, rock egg and a strip of candy rock bacon! Cool, huh?!

We’ve also got some more traditional rock candy options, like the Fruity Rainbow Rock Sticks (candy rock sticks, packed with a fruit flavouring) that are perfect for the summer season!


A traditional favourite loved by adults and children alike, summer would not be the same without your favourite fudge!

Fudge is a particularly popular choice of sweet for those on holiday. Whether you stick to the good’old clotted cream flavoured fudge or get more adventurous with exotic flavours, we’ve got the wholesale fudge for you at Appleton Sweets.

Athole Clotted Cream Tablet is a popular fudge flavour that comes packed 2.26kg Jar. Tasty and traditional, the Athole Clotted Cream Fudge will be loved by many!

We’ve got more classics too, including coconut ice, vanilla, rum and raisin, nougat and all-butter! And if you’re looking for a completely new (attention-grabbing!) flavour for summer, then why not opt for Bubblegum Nougat, Cherry Bakewell Fudge, Dr Pepper Fudge or Cream Egg Fudge Nougat?

Summer Slush Puppies

Our slush syrups are perfect for cooling down after a warm day in the sun!

We’ve got an array of flavours, from tropical to strawberry, to cherry to purple grape! Whatever slush puppy you are looking to sell, we can help!

Our slush syrups come in 5-litre large tubs of flavoured syrup that make great ice cold slush puppy drinks. Slush syrup is a concentrated syrup that when mixed with water makes fantastic mouth-watering slush drink that all the family can enjoy in the summer weather.

Our slush syrups come in a mix of the ratio 1-7, which means that, once diluted with water, you can get up too 35L of this slush product with a 5-litre tub.

Looking for more summer sweets?

Summer sweets can undoubtedly provide a great boost in sales in many UK locations and summer is always worth preparing for! What’s more, here at Appleton Sweets, we stock a wide range of summer confectionery that will make best-selling sweets this June!

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