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The Ultimate Guide to Pick “N” Mix Sweets: Everything you need to know

10/07/2019 07:23

Our Ultimate Guide to Pick N Mix Sweets

With the popularity of Pick’N’Mix style sweets as high as ever, it’s worth remembering that the tradition goes back a century or more. The Woolworth Museum traces this legendary way of selling sweets back even further in the USA. 

Whilst the demise of Woolworth in the UK was seen by many as the end of Pick’N’Mix, this is far from the case.

With great profit margins and flexible selling, how will you cash in on the popularity of Pick’N’Mix?

Here’s our ultimate guide:

Pick N Mix - It’s Not Just Sweet Shops

Pick’N’Mix could be the star attraction at a car boot sale, feature at a wedding reception or be sold at your local town market. You could even sell Pick’N’Mix online or in any other type of retail outlet. Whatever your retail business, Pick’N’Mix can provide a welcome cash boost.

It’s Not Just For Kids

People of all ages love Pick’N’Mix. Those born in the 50’s and 60’s might be after the nostalgia of traditional sweets. Every generation will have their favourites. As for the kids, you just try stopping them when presented with a row of colourful sweet jars. But try not to pigeon hole your customers. Better to get to know them, all age groups are capable of surprising you with their tastes.

What You See Is What You Get

There are many ways to display and store your Pick’N’Mix. And nothing is more popular than jars! Everybody loves that great image of the traditional sweet shop, with racks of big jars lined up behind the counter. If you have space to do this then make the most of the free marketing those jars represent. 

Don’t forget that every time you unscrew one of those jars the tempting aroma will fill the shop. See our huge and inviting range of wholesale sweet jars and create that rainbow of choice behind your counter.

Jars, of course, can be reused. Once you have your display sorted, order by the bag full and refill the jars yourself.

Standing Room Only?

If there isn’t room behind the counter, or your retail set up doesn’t lend itself to stocking jars, then why not consider a Pick’N’Mix stand. Shop around for one that fits the bill. They offer great flexibility in both size and configuration. Kept clean and well-stocked, a stand can be just as visually inviting as a row of jars. Stands could be used for selling your Pick’N’Mix treats away from the shop too.

Weighing It All Up

However your sweets are displayed, you’ll need to know how to measure your customers’ choices. For self-service, keep plenty of clean scoops to discourage those grubby fingers! Consider selling by the cup full, having worked out an average weight for the various sweets. If the jars are behind the counter then people enjoy seeing you tipping the sweets into traditional scales and then into colourful bags.

So Much Choice with Pick N' Mix Sweets

Try and include as much variety as you possibly can. Use our top 50 Pick’N’Mix sweets for inspiration. Include sweets from all generations and go for some bright colours to attract attention. American candy is extremely popular and should definitely be included. Everybody has their favourites and you’ll do well to stock them all.

For all your gobstoppers, dolly mixtures, pear drops, gummy bears and hundreds of other choices, Appletons Sweets are you first choice in wholesale Pick’N’Mix. 

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