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What Are Halal Sweets And Why Stock Them?

15/08/2019 14:09

Please note: Frisia Flying Saucers are not necessarily halal - this picture is for blog image purposes only

Here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve worked hard to ensure we have excellent quality halal sweets available for our customers to purchase to sell in their sweet shop.

Halal has become a renowned dietary requirement in the catering world, however, not everyone knows what it means and what makes halal food halal.

So what is halal food and what does halal mean?

“Halal” essentially translates into “permissible” in English. It is associated with Islamic dietary laws and is the opposite to “haram” (which means “forbidden”). It has a lot to do with how meat is processed and prepared.

 Pork is the most well-known forbidden meat. However, depending on the death of the animal and how it is processed, other meats may also be forbidden.

 Let’s get down to the knitty gritty…(if you have not got a strong stomach for blood and guts then skip over this paragraph in italics now)

 Halal methods of slaughtering animals or poultry (dhabiba) is by cutting the jugular vein, carotid article and windpipe.

 But is halal really relevant to sweets?

 It is common knowledge that many sweets contain gelatin which is a colourless, flavourless food ingredient that is produced from collagen from animal parts.

 Gelatin is not halal mostly because, in most sweets, it is generally taken from pork.

 Halal sweets feature beef gelatin from cows that have been slaughtered under halal-friendly methods.

 What halal sweets do we sell at Appleton Sweets?

 We have a number of halal sweets for sale at Appleton Sweets. Browse the enter halal sweets range here.

 Just a few halal sweets featured in our collection are featured below:

 Dexters Dyna Stix

 Dexters Dyna Stix is available in various flavours and are a fantastic choice of halal sweet for a confectionery store. Flavours include: Banana, bubblegum, rhubarb and custard and apple.

 Barratt Anglo Bubbly

 Pink round and smooth tasty bubblegums, the Barratt Anglo Bubbly is a halal choice of bubblegum sweet. They’re reasonably priced too so our customers can ensure some profit from the sweets.

 Dulce Plus Foam Strawberries

 The Dulce Plus Foam Strawberries are super tasty halal sweets. They’re pink coloured gums with a strawberry taste that always prove popular with halal customers.

 More halal sweets

 Browse more halal sweets from our range. Find wholesale halal sweets and chocolate in bulk wholesale boxes , tubs, jars and more.

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