What Are the Best-Selling Thanksgiving Sweets in the USA?

18/11/2016 14:41

Each year on the fourth Thursday on November, its Thanksgiving Day where Americans gather to feast with family and friends. It is a day for Americans to come together around the table and celebrate. This year Thanksgiving is on the 24th November and we’d like to share with you some of our favourite American sweets that are available at Appleton Sweets. What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving in England than with some good old American sweets?

American Sodas are also extremely popular and aren’t seen much in the UK. There are lots of varieties and distinctive bottles available at Appleton Sweets including Duff energy drink and Dr Browns cream soda. American sodas are created in many unusual flavours which makes them so popular among customers of all ages.

Appleton Sweets stock a huge variety of wholesale American sweets and sodas at fantastic prices with fast delivery from our London warehouse. Our range includes American hard candy, soft candy, soda, chocolate, grocery and seasonal sweets. From Hershey and Reese’s chocolate, to Jelly Belly beans and Gobstoppers, American sweets are quirky, unique and sure to impress your taste buds. Here is a list of some of the best-selling sweets this Thanksgiving.

Flipz Milk Choc Pretzels

These milk chocolate flipz are a popular USA chocolate candy. They have a pretzel texture covered with milk chocolate and are available in bags of 6. They are the perfect Thanksgiving treat because they are loved by everyone.


Skittles USA America Mix

The Skittles America mix is a new candy that has been added to the growing range of skittles at Appleton Sweets and has hit England by storm. With blue, red and white sweets in the mix, they are a fantastic sweet to celebrate Thanksgiving.


Candy Canes Natural Peppermint

These candy canes are made by The Natural Candy Shop and are 20cm long. Bursting with peppermint flavour, the hard, chewy rock sweet are a great Thanksgiving-style gift. Who doesn’t like receiving a cute little traditional candy cane?


Candy Dress Up Fun Bags

This funky dress up bag brings a new level of fun to sweets. The bag is full of novelty candy sweets such as necklaces and watches. Everything in the bag can be worn and then eaten. The American sweets are great for children to play dress up with some delicious flavoured candy to nibble on at the same time. 


Choc Chip Cookie Bites

These cookie bites are well loved candy pieces with a delicious chocolate chip flavouring. They are perfect to munch on whilst watching a movie and boxes have increased by 10% in size so you get even more value for money. Appleton Sweets stock the bites in cases of 12 boxes.


Nerds Strawberry & Grape

Strawberry and grape nerds are the most popular flavour of nerds that are available due to their refreshing and likeable taste. The Wonka brand is continually growing and producing these fantastic flavours. Along with their funky packaging and easy to share box, they are an all-time favourite American sweet for Thanksgiving.


Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups

Nestle’s Butterfinger cups are full of peanut butter flavour with a soft texture in the middle and a hard chocolate coating. These are a popular imported American chocolate to enjoy by everyone, particularly if you’re a peanut butter fan.


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