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What Is The Most Profitable Sweet Shop Design?

17/06/2019 10:07

The sweet shop, there’s no denying its appeal. All generations can enjoy sweets. However, there is an element of responsibility from the shop owner to draw customers into the store and go on to spend money during their visit.

A lot of what encourages customers to spend money in a store comes down to the layout and feel of the store, as well as the types of products sold there.

A confectionery store owner should ask themselves the following:

  1. What will draw customers inside to part with their hard-earned cash?

  2. How can your sweet shop stand out from the crowd?

  3. What journey will you take visitors on?

We’ve put together our top tips for designing a sweet shop which is profitable, as well as attractive.

  1. Be trendy - Have current market favourites prominently displayed. Stand behind parents in a sweet shop and see what their children are demanding.

Did you know? There is quite a taste for American sweets and candy at the moment.

The demand for products from across the Atlantic has led to a high-profit margin on these goods. Rock Candy is one of the most popular products, amongst others.

  1. Line ‘em up - Shelves lined with traditional style sweet jars give a traditional feel. Those of us of a certain age couldn’t help but feel nostalgia when faced with this array of choice. The next generations are enjoying watching the shopkeeper unscrew the lids.. See our huge range of Sweet Jars.

  1. Characters - Keep those window displays fresh. Old, sun-bleached signage is a real turn off. Create irresistible scenes in the window. Use toys, dolls and stuffed animals, all appearing to enjoy the goodies inside. Feature high-profit sweets prominently.

           What is your USP? Do you stock any unusual flavours? If yes, then make that clear from the window display.

  1. Don’t forget the little guys - All those 20p sweets add up. Your total sales will be boosted each time an extra treat is dropped in the bag. Small business owners on the high street are fighting back. Offering such flexibility is a real draw for the discerning candy fan. A profitable business starts by looking after the pennies. Why not stock some classic Bubble Gum?

  1. Include everyone - Your customers start out as toddlers peering over the window sill. If there are scrumptious offerings on display through your window at all eye levels, they’ll be your customers for life.

  1. Show you care - Encouraging sales of those high-profit lines is essential. But don’t forget those customers who have different needs. Make sure you clearly show that you stock a full range: vegan and vegetarian sweets as well as sugar or gluten-free are just as important. We offer sweets to suit all dietary needs. Have a look at our Sugar Free Jar Selection.

  1. Space To Move - No matter how small your shop, make it feel big. Keep tall racks behind the counter rather than filling the floor space. If the customer can’t see a space for themselves to stand, they probably won’t step in.

  1. Share Your Design - Use all chances to show the world your brilliant design. Take some bright, inviting pictures and post them on social media. Go to local business networking events, maybe take some scale and a few jars to show them. Tell your friends to tell their friends.

However you design your sweet shop, we can help with your successful business plan. Appletons Sweets is a family run business, first established in 1945. Get In Touch to talk about how we can supply your exact requirements to suit your design.

Posted By Matt Appleton
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