What kind of sweetie are you?

14/06/2016 17:05

which kind of sweet are you

What kind of sweetie are you? 

Find out if you’re a vintage treat, a tangy taster or simple chocolate bar…simply answer the following 8 questions, add up your score and see what kind of sweetie you are!

  • Your idea of the perfect Saturday night is…
  1. Party, party, party!
  2. A bottle of Prosecco, perhaps shared with your best friends or your mum, where you spend the evening watching romantic comedies and chatting about pretty much anything.
  3. A drink with your other half in a local, lively pub.
  4. An entertainment TV show and an early night.
  • You prefer…
  1. Haribo Tangfastics.
  2. Haribo Starmix.
  3. Jelly Beans from the Jelly Bean Factory.
  4. Nougat
  • For your 21st birthday…
  1. You completed a skydive.
  2. You went out for a meal with friends, then hit the down- big style.
  3. You had a family meal in a nice restaurant.
  4. You got a take-away with your better half and got a bottle (or two!) in.
  • Your favourite sport is…
  1. Surfing.
  2. Running. 
  3. Football.
  4. Volleyball.
  • Your embarrassing moments tend to be.. 
  1. Spectacular, unthinkable in fact!
  2. Very hair-raising, think the loos on trains, falling into water in your best dress and tripping in the street where everyone catches a glimpse of your landing….
  3. You tend to blush even when you haven’t had an embarrassing moment
  4. You don’t have embarrassing moments
  • Your favourite hobby is:
  1. Playing sport.
  2. Playing a musical instrument. 
  3. Creative Writing.
  4. Scrapbooking.
  • Your favourite clothes are:
  1. The jeans you’ve owned for 3 years with a scuff at the knee.
  2. A memorabilia t-shirt from your favourite holiday or sporting event.
  3. Anything plain that doesn’t stand out too much.
  4. Some bright yellow jeans you bought a few years ago and no longer fit into.
  • Your favourite shoes are:
  1. Bold and make a statement.
  2. Your newest pair of boots
  3. Comfy Trainers
  4. Flip Flops

If you answered with mainly 1 you are…

Sour Apples from Kingsway

Lively and always up for a good time, if you were a sweetie, you would most definitely be a Sour Apple from Kingsway.

Kingsway Sour Apples are supplied by ICA. The Sour Apples from Appleton Sweets are in a shape of an apple, with a great sour apple flavour. 

If you answered with mainly 2 you are…

Barratt Jelly Spogs

Fun and traditional, you always enjoy yourself and add a little extra brightness to every occasion.  

Barratts Jelly Spogs are made by Tangerine confectionery. They are an aniseed-tasting, soft liquorice Jelly Spog, covered in pink and blue hard small round beads on the outside. They have a great bursting liquorice taste and come from the Liquorice Allsorts range. What’s more, they’re a great seller throughout the whole year.

If you answered with mainly 3 you are…

An Aero Milk Bubbly 

Subtly fantastic, there’s something more to you than other chocolate bars!

Aero Milk Bubble is a well-known British chocolate bar. This bubbly chocolate bar comes in a wholesale case of 35 units from Appleton Sweets and is a very popular (and fantastic!) addition to our chocolate countline range.

If you answered with mainly 4 you are…

Still making up your mind! Not quite a particular sweetie but probably a sweetie-lover all the same! Take a look at our range of sweets at Appleton Sweets to help you choose your sweeties! 

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