Where can I buy Parma Violets? Our guide to the violet delight!

13/06/2018 09:08

Looking for Parma Violets? Then look no further! Here at Appleton Sweets, we stock the Parma Violets from Swizzels that are a favourite amongst many!

What are Parma Violet sweets?

Parma Violets sweets are violet-flavoured tablet sweets.

Parma Violets are popular violet sweets that were created by 1946, by the same company that provide them now, Swizzels Matlow.

Based on the aniseed sweets, usually consumed following an Indian meal, Parma Violets are similar to Swizzels’ Fizzers but, that’s right, you guessed it, less fizzy!

Some people describe Parma Violets as refreshing with a pleasant floral taste.

Parma violets have been around for years. Violet plants were grown by the elite in the 1500s and violet flavouring was popular in cakes, fondants and other sweet treats during WW1. While they’re less popular today, there is still demand for Parma Violets. That’s why we stock them here at Appleton Sweets.

Even if you don’t love the taste, it is important to try them! They’re a British cultural icon. Swizzels Matlow even bought out a Parma Violets cheese last year!

Mad? Of course!

Standard Parma Violets are about half an inch in size and come with about 14 in a pack, but you can purchase giant Parma Violets as well.

Parma Violets are violet in both colour and flavour, and feature the following ingredients, detailed by Swizzels Matlow: Sugar, Stearic Acid, Modified Starch, Glucose Syrup, Anti-caking Agent: Magnesium Carbonate; Flavourings, Colours: Anthocyanin.

What is stearic acid and anthocyanin?

It is good to know exactly what is in the food we eat. Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid that has not been proven to have a negative effect on cardiovascular health.

Anthocyanins are a flavonoid (which is a class of compound with antioxidant effects). It is possible, but not proven, that anthocyanins offer anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits.

What is the flavour of Parma Violets?

Parma violets have a unique flavour that is often described as having a floral edge.

What is violet flavour?

Violet flavouring can be bought from Bickford Flavors and is a great addition to many beverages and some sweet dishes.

It is essentially a floral flavour!

What does a violet taste like?

Violets, particularly violets that have been crystallized with sugar are often described as tasting a bit like bath salts.

We’ll let you decide on that one though!

Can you eat violets?

Yes, you can eat violets! You’ll often see violets on posh cakes, crystallized with sugar for a sweet taste and beautiful cake topping.

In addition, you can actually eat violet leaves. They work well in a raw salad and can also be cooked in the way you cook spinach.

You can also dry out violet leaves to create a violet-infused tea.

Remember: This is only the leaves, don’t eat the roots! Also the African Violet variety are poisonous!

Where does the name Parma Violets come from?

The name Parma Violets comes from the city of Parma in Italy.

How many calories are in Parma Violets?

A small (7g) pack of Parma Violets contains 25 calories.

Guilt-free sweeties! Buy Parma Violets from Appleton Sweets!

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