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Wholesale Christmas Gifts

16/09/2016 07:50

It is never too early to prepare your confectionary store for Christmas! Although, we’ve just about got over summer and you may be seeing less tourists, Christmas is on the horizon. Ultimately, confectionary stores everywhere are swapping ‘Thank you for christmas sweetslooking after my cat’ fudge boxes for bespoke Christmas selection boxes.  And, here at Appleton Sweets, we’ve got a range of great value, fantastic wholesale Christmas gifts that will no doubt stock up your shelves in time for the festive season.

Whether people buy them for their Christmas parties, the children’s Christmas stockings or simply to get in the spirit of Christmas, the following sweets are undoubtedly fabulous Xmas time treats. 

Don’t miss a trick this Christmas and choose the following wholesale Christmas gifts from Appleton Sweets. Your confectionary store will be more popular than ever!

Belgian Chocolate Seashells

The Belgian Chocolate Seashells make for a luxury Christmas chocolate. They come in a high-quality gift box and are packed in a wholesale case that contains 12 boxes.

Beechs Choc Turkish Delight

Although Chocolate Turkish Delight is sold throughout the year, it is particularly popular during the festive season. The Beechs Choc Turkish Delight are a Turkish delight with a chocolate coating. What’s more, they’re delicious! Made by Beech's in the UK, the gift boxes are supplied in a wholesale case of 6 selling units.

Walkers Toffee Duo Hammer Pack

A superb gift box that contains plenty of traditional toffee, the Walkers Toffee Duo Hammer Pack also comes with a novelty hammer to break and share (if you want to!) all of the indulgent toffee. The toffee weighs 200g.

Swizzels Sweet Shop Carton

Swizzels Sweet shop cartons are a simply fabulous Christmas gift box! Filled with retro sweets, such as Love Hearts and Fruit Pops from Swizzels Matlow, the shop cartons make a great gift item and contain 324g worth of fabulous sweeties.

Mr Jelly Belly Bean Machinemr jelly belly bean machine

Children will love the Mr Jelly Belly Bean Machine! The machine actually contains a little jelly bean man that helps you get the beans out! Customers will, however, need to purchase their Jelly Belly Beans separately and, therefore, we recommend you purchase some jelly beans to sell in your store this December. 

Jack Daniels Fudge Cartons

A superb gift idea that includes the best-ever tasting JD fudge! The Jack Daniels Fudge Cartons wholesale case includes 12 cartons, with logos and text. Definitely one for the grown-ups! 

Candy Canes!

Of course, Christmas simply wouldn’t be the same without candy canes and we’ve got loads of flavours to choose from here at Appleton Sweets. From Natural Cola to Natural Peppermint and Natural Tutti Fruitti, no matter what favour you choose for your confectionary store our festive candy canes are made by The Natural Candy Shop, and come packed in a box with wrapped candy cane sticks. 

And just one more for the lead-up to Christmas…

Jelly Belly Advent Calendar

The Jelly Belly Advent Calendar is a popular alternative to a chocolate calendar and contains 24 bags of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans! Just be careful the children aren’t (quite literally!) bouncing off the walls every day in December.

As you can see, all of the above wholesale Christmas gifts will definitely ensure your confectionary store is as festive (and as fun!) as possible. 

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